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7-Data Recovery Suite


Today we’re going to look at 7-Data Recovery Suite – data recovery software. It is universal, i.e. deals with data rescuing issues both on mobile and desktop devices. Here we talk about some recovery cases and recovery modes. 

7 Data Recovery main window

Where to download 7-Data Recovery Software

4.1 is the latest version of 7-Data Recovery for the moment. The program is compatible with any version of Windows. You are welcome to try it out by downloading its free version from the main page of the official website.

To save your time, we are giving the price for the Pro version (at discount), which is $49.95. 7-Data Recovery Free works with no limitations, but it only allows restoring 1GB of data.

For a comparative table of Free, Pro and Enterprise versions, click here.

Install the software to the disk from which you are not recovering data or to a USB stick.

Available recovery modes and some cases

7-Data Recovery Suite includes 5 modes:

  • Complete recovery. Should be used if you fail to open a partition on a hard disk (as well as SD Card or USB stick). The problem can be so-called 'RAW partition' or file system error (the symptom of it is Windows suggesting that you’d format the disk).
  • Deleted recovery covers the most frequent scenarios, such as accidental deletion, damaged file, files deleted to Recycle Bin or using Shift + Del. 
  • Hard disk partition recovery. This mode in 7-Data Recovery Suite comes in handy if you can’t access a hard drive partition (be it caused by failed repartition or format error).
  • Digital media recovery: retrieving photo and video, music and other audio files regardless of media type. Scan is performed by known signatures and covers most data types.
  • Android recovery is data recovery on Android phones and tablets.

Select the menu item in 7-Data Recovery Software main window to proceed to the selected mode. Let’s have a closer look at them.

1. Accidentally deleted files

7-Data Recovery Suite is perfect for quick recovery of files lost by accident or as a result of soft reset. They can be:

  • files deleted to Recycle Bin or removed from it
  • files removed using SHIFT+DELETE
  • Files lost recently, the reasons unclear.

If the files weren’t been overwritten, you definitely have chances to rescue them in the listed cases.

2. Deleted hard disk partitions recovery

It gets more complicated when files disappear together with the whole disk partition. This recovery mode is suitable for a number of errors on HDD:

  • damaged master boot record (MBR),
  • failed formatting or repartition,
  • files overwritten,
  • bad sectors and other reading errors.

How to check hard drive for bad sectors

7 Data Recovery Suite: deleted partitions list

Lost Partition Recovery

3. Data recovery on mobile phone (Android)

7-Data Recovery Suite is also able to find user data on your phone. Scanning a mobile device involves USB Protocol. Most of the time deletion of files happens when your SD Card is damaged or videos/images are deleted while transferred from the internal storage to SD Card. Therefore, 7-Data Recovery Suite is of great help with cases of media files deleted from SD Card inserted in an Android phone.

By the way, the developer’s website offers 7-Data Android Recovery app for data recovery on phones and tablets operated by Android OS which have SD Card.

4. Recovery from memory card

7-Data Recovery manipulates various memory formats used in mobile devices and digital cameras. These storage devices, just like a hard drive, are liable to errors. 7-Data Recovery enables restoring files after your SD Card has been formatted, if there are data reading errors or structure damage. Such storage media as Memory Stick, Micro SD, and Compact flash are supported, so that’s basically all the devices recognized by Windows and mounted as a filesystem volume.

How to recover formatted data from memory card via Recuva

There is a tool named 7 Data Card Recovery available for download. As you can guess from its name, it is meant to work with memory cards types listed above.

5. Multimedia data (photo, video, music) recovery

7-Data Recovery finds and recovers the most widely-used file formats – video, photo and audio. The storage device isn’t of great importance, be it SD Card, USB stick, HDD or SSD. The tool scans it for familiar signatures and displays the results in the preview window. Thumbnail Mode is handy if you want to see the results and select the files to be recovered to the disk.

7 Data Software: universal recovery

6. Full scan and file system recovery on External Drive

If the disk, USB flash drive or SD Card cannot be accessed for some reason, this mode should help get to your files. It works with partitions on External Drive. You can connect your storage device and scan the partition.

It is also fantastically helpful if the disk has a damaged/corrupted file system or no MBR.

Download 7-data recovery

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