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All about contacts in Gmail. Google Contacts Usage Guide

Author: Vlad Brown

Data recovery specialist, guest author, journalist.

Published 11/25/2019

Opening Google Contacts using the Gmail browser interface

The convenient Google Contacts service offers many useful features. All your contacts will be automatically synchronized with your account, which simplifies the use of Gmail.

Once you’ve signed in to your Gmail account, in the upper right corner, to the left of your profile icon, you’ll see the “Google Apps” button. Click on it, and the available sections will appear in the pop-up tab. Click here to go to "Google Contacts."

You can also go to "Google Contacts" from Gmail by pressing hot keys. Quickly enter the combination "gc", being on any page in your account. The tab that appears immediately displays all your contacts in the web service.

If this method does not work, then this means that keyboard shortcuts are disabled in the mail settings. To fix this, you need just a couple of simple steps:

  1. In the upper right corner of the interface, find the "Settings" button, then go to the tab of the same name;
  1. In the section that appears, find the heading "Keyboard shortcuts:" Choose "Keyboard shortcuts on" option;
  1. Confirm the action by scrolling to the end of the section and clicking on the "Save Changes" button.

Now all the keyboard shortcuts in Gmail should work. In addition to the combination of "gc", which includes a tab with contacts, there are several others that greatly facilitate the work with mail.

Accessing the Google Contacts section is even easier if your default start page is The Google Apps button will be located in the same place as in Gmail.

You can also get into Contacts simply by clicking on the link. To make the page in front of your eyes, add it to your bookmarks by clicking on the button with an asterisk next to the address bar. Now the tab will always be in a prominent place when you open the browser.

Features of the Google Contacts service

The completely free Google Contacts web service offers several advantages over other contact collection applications. In addition to the ability to synchronize contact information on all devices, there are many other advantages:

  • Together with Google Contacts, all the necessary information is at hand. Thanks to integration with social networks and mail, adding important contacts becomes even easier;
  • In Google Contacts, you can create contact groups for convenient organization of communication;
  • Access to data is carried out via the HTTPS protocol, which increases the security and confidentiality of the service;
  • Records of the same contact can be combined by pressing a single button. At the same time, the automatic search for duplicates is built into the contact manager, which will significantly save your time;
  • Easy deletion of created contacts. In this case, the recovery of accidentally deleted information from the basket is provided;
  • Google Contacts is integrated with services such as 1C: Enterprise and amoCRM, which allows you to automatically identify contacts of colleagues.

Recover Gmail contacts through Google Contacts

If your Gmail contacts were accidentally deleted or changed, they can be easily restored through the Google Contacts service within a 30-day period:

  1. Open "Google Contacts" and log in to your account;
  2. In the upper right corner to the left of the profile icon, find the "Settings" button;
  3. Click on the "Undo Changes" section;
  4. In the tab that appears, select the option you want and click on the "Confirm" button.

When trying to recover information, remember that Google retains all contact information for only 30 days. Therefore, in order to return lost contacts, you must try the described method for a month after removal. Another option is to regularly back up your contacts to make sure that they will not be lost forever.

Contact recovery may also be required if it is necessary to return information from backups. The method that allows you to export data as a file to the device will be described in the next section. Let's now consider how to restore contacts on the phone if the old gadget has been lost:

  1. Go to the "Settings" section on the new device on which you want to restore contacts;
  2. Go to the Google tab. In the opened "Services" tab, select "Restore contacts";
  3. Indicate which Google account to recover from if you have several profiles;
  4. Now you can select the device from which you want to copy data. It can be either a computer or a telephone;
  5. Click on the "Restore" button. After a short wait, the message "Contacts restored" will be displayed;
  6. If you need to restore contacts from applications such as Outlook or WhatsApp, just download them to your device again. They automatically sync to contacts in Gmail.

When contacts are restored, duplicates are automatically merged, so only non-repeating data is transferred to the device.

Back up contacts as a CSV file

Exporting contacts as a file to a computer is an effective way to free up space on your account and remove data that is not needed for storage in the service. Also, creating a backup will guarantee to protect the necessary information from loss, saving everything you need on your hard drive.

If you want to transfer contacts to another email account, then you first need to download them as a CSV or vCard file. Be that as it may, consider how to back up in Google Contacts:

  1. Open "Google Contacts" and go to the account from which you want to export information;
  2. Check the boxes with the contacts you want to save to your computer;
  3. Click on the "Export" button, which is located in the vertical menu on the left;
  1. Select the way you want to export contacts. To create a backup on your computer, check the option "Google CSV"; if you logged in from a device running iOS, then vCard, and if from a gadget on Android, you will be offered a VCF file format.

Also, for Android devices, Google has provided automatic backups with which you do not have to worry about regularly exporting your contacts.

  1. Go to the "Settings" section on your device;
  2. Select the "System" tab, and then - "Backup";
  3. Here you can enable or disable the option "Upload to Google Drive." Turn it on if you want to guarantee the safety of contact information.

The automatic backup function is offered already at the initial account setup, but you can change the parameter at any time if, for example, you want to update files more often.