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Review on best battery saver apps for Android - 2019

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Are Android built-in battery monitoring tools effective?

Most modern smartphones running under Android have a special app designed for saving energy, cleaning background processes and speeding up the operation of a device. What app will be present on your smartphone decides its manufacturer by loading a specific firmware.

For example, there is a section called “Device Maintenance” in the settings of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8 (with Android 8 and above).  Via it you can access “Battery” section. There you can find the statistics of battery consumption by apps (i.e. power consumption) and power mode.

Via “Power Mode” you can regulate battery operation. By selecting a profile, you can quickly optimize battery consumption and increase the time of its operation without charging your device.

Nevertheless, almost all Android system apps perform only basic functions, which are pretty enough for an average user, but if you need a more thorough configuration of power saving, we suggest choosing one of specialized apps.

We're going to talk about the following power saving and battery optimizing apps for Android:

  1. Kaspersky Battery Life
  2. Battery Doctor
  3. GO Battery Pro
  4. Greenify
  5. Avast Battery Saver
  6. AccuBattery
  7. DU Battery Saver

Kaspersky Battery Life

Known for its anti-virus products, Kaspersky company has released a small but sufficient app which occupies about 15 MB in the memory of a device. This app called Kaspersky Battery Life helps to save the battery of a smartphone.

This battery optimizer is absolutely for free and has no advanced versions. Its functionality is modest but enough for undemanding users since it can:

  • Android battery drain analyzer: Analyze running apps and detect the most power-consuming ones;
  • Monitor all programs and draw up an approximate scenario of their operation. If any app suddenly starts consuming much more power than usual, Kaspersky Battery Life sends a notification;
  • It calculates the time required to fully charge the battery of your device and displays information on the remaining battery life under average system load.

According to the developers, the app itself uses about 1% of a battery power in order to be able to perform its tasks. There are no modes of operation in Kaspersky Battery Life, i.e. the optimizer either works or not, no other options are provided.

Download Kaspersky Battery Life

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is a set of programs for cleaning and optimizing a smartphone combined in one convenient interface. For example, Clean Master gets rid of "garbage" and unused apps.

System optimization is performed by one button which is displayed on the main screen. After you launch the process, the app displays the collected information and offers to uncheck the apps you need and all the rest will be cleared from the RAM of your phone while Battery Doctor operates. The app has several standard operating modes and you can configure your own profile.

The statistics of your apps and the battery consumption can be displayed in the form of a diagram. In addition to it, the same section displays the information on the battery status.

In the advanced settings you can specify:

  • whether you want to display notifications for certain events;
  • or to show the app in the list of active ones;
  • and add a widget or a shortcut to your desktop in order to make the process of optimization faster and more convenient.

Phone battery saver app takes about 5 MB in the storage of a device and it's distributed free of charge.

Download Battery Doctor

GO Battery Pro

GO Battery Pro offers several interesting features in addition to the optimization of apps and battery saving you're already familiar with:

  • Faster device charging by disabling all unnecessary features and unloading background apps;
  • Tracking the work of all apps in the system during a day and displaying this data in the form of a graph or report;
  • User-friendly interface for toggling on and off various ways to communicate with the outside world (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3/4G)

Go Battery has several built-in operating modes designed for different situations. You can't configure your own modes as well as change the already existing ones in the software.

GO Battery basic version can show advertising, moreover there are almost no automatic capabilities compared to its paid Pro-version which doesn't have such disadvantages.


The main distinctive feature of Greenify app is the presence of modes that extremely reduce battery consumption. For example, this software has Aggressive Doze operation mode, which puts your smartphone into sleep mode after a few minutes of inactivity.

Greenify app is very easy to manage since it doesn't have a large selection of settings, so you won't be able to personalize it to the fullest. But on the contrary you don't have to do almost anything in order to fully save the power of your device, i.e. just run the app, grant it root-access (it works fine without it, but much better with it) and allow it to manage background processes.

If you need more automatic features, there is a paid extended version of the software.

Download Greenify

Avast Battery Saver

Another well-known manufacturer of antivirus programs Avast has created an app for smartphones running under Android which allows its users to optimize the power consumption of their devices.

We should highlight the following features of Avast Battery Saver:

  • Tweaking of the power save mode and the capability to create your own profiles;
  • Automatic mode, i.e. all features of the app related to the setting of automatic toggling on / off of various options are available in the free version of the software. Moreover, the paid version simply doesn't exist;
  • "Smart" management of apps on your device, i.e. depending on the battery level Avast Battery Saver can disable all unneeded apps and save Internet traffic.

Download Avast Battery Saver


AccuBattery app provides you with as much data on charging and discharging the battery of your device as possible. This software knows everything: how much mA was spent by this or that app, what is the charge consumption per hour (in percent), how quickly the battery is charged with different adapters and wires, as well as how much energy is consumed by the smartphone while operating in different modes.

Moreover, AccuBattery can approximately determine how worn out is your battery and it also adjusts its operation in order to increase its life. And finally, the software has "History" section that allows you to compare the results of work on different days, weeks and months.

AccuBattery is distributed free of charge and it doesn't have any additional features.

Download AccuBattery

DU Battery Saver

One of the main features of Du Battery Saver app is its simple interface and a wide range of capabilities for optimizing and speeding up your smartphone. If you grant the software all the levels of access it needs in order to function properly, it'll also be able to:

  • Increase the charging speed of your device,
  • Change CPU frequency,
  • Control the temperature of your smartphone.

The optimization itself can be started with a single button and it doesn't require additional configuration.

There are 3 modes of the app operation: basic, sleeping and energy saving. “Smart” control allows you to switch between these modes depending on external factors and battery level without user intervention.

Convenient monitoring allows you to display the data on battery consumption in a form of a diagram and it also helps to monitor how much energy is consumed by an app during its operation.

The main disadvantage of DU Battery Saver app is the limited functionality of its free version. In general, free version is quite enough for basic battery saving, but, for example, almost all automatic features are available only in the paid version (PRO).

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