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How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos

Written by: Ilia

Data recovery specialist, guest author, journalist.

Accidental deletion of a YouTube video can happen to anyone: sometimes it happens when you press a wrong button or confirm a wrong thing or all in all when the channel is blocked. Nevertheless, there is a solution how to watch removed youtube videos.

Regular users of this popular video hosting came up with at least four working ways how you can recover a lost video so just choose the right one for you or give a try to different options.


Recovering lost youtube videos via Web Archive ( or

If you didn't know, almost every change made in internet is logged, i.e. recorded in an electronic archive. Specially designed services like and retains store the majority of pages and group them by dates and updates. Therefore, this is where you should go in the first place, if you've unintentionally deleted an uploaded video.

A step-by-step recovery of a YouTube video via and similar archives looks like this:

Step 1. Find automatically generated messages confirming the successful download of the video you are looking for in the mailbox connected to your account.

Step 2. Copy the link from that mail to the URL field on an archive website and click the search button.

Step 3. On the opened page with this video change history select the date when it was uploaded to the website.

old youtube videos archive

Step 4. Open the link and download the video via SaveFrom, SaveYoutube or any other web app with similar capabilities.

Note! This recovery method is the most effective if your video has been downloaded more than a week before its deletion.

Recovering an original Youtube video on a PC / phone

You didn't manage to find the Youtube video you were looking for in an archive and you have deleted it from your computer/phone? No worries as there is a solution but only if you have an access to the device via which you've made the recording, saved it or processed for later upload to YouTube.

There are a lot of programs for recovering deleted files from any storage media, whether it's a phone, camera or a laptop. Recuva utility is one of the most common and effective tools. This software analyzes the memory of a flash or a hard drive, finds the signatures of previously recorded files and “glues together” a full copy from them.

Guide on how to recover a video via Recuva program describes the sequence of actions you have to follow in order to recover an original video.

By the way, there are some apps that can cope with such problem no worse than Recuva. For example, Active File Recovery which also supports RAID recovery in addition to simple recovery.

A part from Active File Recovery you should pay attention to CardRecovery, DiskDigger and EaseUS Data Recovery.

Don't forget about programs for repairing videos either. They'll help you if your video was recovered partially, for example, it has no sound or some video frames are skipped, it's in low resolution or won't start at all and etc.

Searching for a deleted video on YouTube or any other video hosting

When we're talking about an issue with a video, movie or a someone else's record added to your playlist rather than a video blog or a personal archive, make sure to look for this file in other sources. A so-called "symptom" of such removal is the message saying "This video has been deleted or hidden by its owner".

If the video which you've added to a playlist disappears and no copies of it can be found on YouTube, there are two options of what you can do:

  1. Wait till it's recovered.
  2. Search for it in Google: it's likely that another video hosting has its copy.

How to recover deleted youtube channel (if you're the owner)

Blocking of the whole channel is more scary than not being able to find one video. But if you own it, you're likely to fix the situation. In order to do that you have to contact Google service as soon as possible:

  1. Fill in the application form located at:
  2. Specify your contact details, as well as the reason for blocking along with your promise not to break the rules ever again and correct the violations within the shortest possible time.
  3. Wait for the response from the support team.
  4. In case of their positive decision, log in to the service, open your channel, read through the message with recommendations and promptly follow them.

In case you've deleted the Youtube channel yourself, whether intentionally or not, there is a detailed instruction from Google for such case. In short: you have to restore the access to your account and confirm that you own it.

Bottom Line. As you can see, recover a video deleted from YouTube is quite a manageable task, even though no one can be 100% sure in the positive result. In order to prevent this from happening again, enable data backup including the originals on your device.