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Dumpster app - Recycle Bin for Android (read review and download it)

Does Android have Recycle Bin?

There is no Recycle Bin on Android where you could store your deleted files temporarily, so after the files have been deleted, intentionally or not, you can’t restore them. Some users have no clue this is going to happen and remove their data hoping to find it in the mobile device’s Recycle Bin but have to face the stark reality of the life of mobile data: there’s neither Recycle Bin nor files there.

How Dumpster on Android works

To be able to send files to the Recycle Bin on Android, install a free app Dumpster from Baloota Apps. It emulates fully the functions of the Desktop Recycle Bin. As a result, files and folders deleted on your phone can be recovered in a couple of clicks without using any data recovery apps.

Download Dumpster

It’s an ultimate utility, a must have for Android users who want to protect themselves from losing important data from their mobile devices. It’s worth mentioning that Dumpster Recycle Bin hasn’t had an alternative to it so far.

Read how to use Dumpster on Android

Dumpster's interface

Dumpster interface

Recycle Bin features realized in the Dumpster for Android

  • Stores and recovers data on Android after deletion: files removed to the temporary storage area in the Recycle Bin app remain there safely.
  • Secure storage for photos and videos; you can keep your files in the phone Recycle Bin without worries. The files are coded and can’t be opened without the lock screen access code and the owner’s confirmation.
  • Auto cleanup: after a certain term (usually 30 days) the Recycle Bin gets emptied automatically. This period should be enough to retrieve valuable documents as you found them lost. The auto cleanup stops the Recycle Bin from “bloating” freeing some space for more deleted files.
  • You can limit the space occupied by the Recycle Bin in your phone or tablet memory.
  • Specify file types stored in the Recycle Bin. Dumpster allows restricting file formats to be stored, for example to JPG and PNG images, MP4 video files, MP3 files and PDF documents.
  • Preview before recovering: you don’t have to retrieve all the deleted files to where they were removed from because Dumpster Recycle Bin has an imbedded preview for audio, video and images.
  • Deleted files and folders can be filtered by type, deletion date, and name.
  • Cloud storage for files (available to the Premium users): a nice feature which saves space in the phone’s memory. Files sent to the Recycle Bin get synchronized with the cloud storage. The online Recycle Bin’s size can grow as you need it.
Dumpster settings

Dumpster settings

Download Dumpster

The latest version of Dumpster for Android can always be found in Google Play. The Free one offers basic features of the Recycle Bin although together with it you’ll get annoying ads which, however, you can get rid of for $2.99. For this nominal fee you’ll buy the full version with online synchronization, custom themes and other perks.

Installing Dumpster App doesn’t need root access.

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