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Files recovery after formatting in Auslogics File Recovery program


Incorrect formatting of a hard drive leads to tragic consequences: all information disappears and it's not easy to recover it.

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There are a lot of programs to recover formatted hard drive, and we chose Auslogics File Recovery. The reviews are positive, the cost is low and, most importantly, it has all the necessary functions. Here they are:

  • Formatted partition recovery wizard. Select the partitions you want to scan, specify the file types, modification time, time interval and you will save time.
  • Sorting the results by using the advanced filters. You don't have to go through hundreds of files to save them, you can simply filter them by file types.
  • Main file systems support. Auslogics File Recovery recognizes NTFS, Fat16/32 and exFat.
  • Recovering files after formatting and deleting HDD partitions. Auslogics File Recovery will find data on your hard disk, even if they were transferred or lost due to formatting.

Guide on how to recover formatted drive via Auslogics File Recovery

Download Auslogics File Recovery from the official website.

Download Auslogics File Recovery

Install the program on your computer. Don't use the formatted partition that you're going to scan for the installment. Avoid copying files onto it.  

Next, we will consider two ways of recovering data on a HDD. The first scenario: A hard drive was formatted.

Step 1. Choosing a formatted drive for recovery

Run Auslogics File Recovery. Select the drive from the list for further scanning in the left menu bar.

Step 2: Choose the types of data deleted during partitions formatting

Next, select the types of data which you want to find and recover after format. If you can precisely determine the data type the step 1 will be much easier. Alternatively, you can search for all file types and then filter the recovery results.

On the one hand, this will slow down the search, on the other, the probability that Auslogics File Recovery will find lost information is higher. Besides, after formatting the information on the extension can disappear from the partition file table.

By default, Auslogics File Recovery searches for pictures, music, videos and documents. You can specify one of the following formats or choose "Search all files" option.

Step 3: Set the search criterion on the drive

In Auslogics File Recovery it's possible to narrow the search by specifying the date when files were modified on the hard drive. If files were changed at a certain time specify the time range.

Click “Next”. In the next step search by file name option is available. Specify the extension or file name if necessary.

Step 4. Additional file search options

We recommend to enable "Perform deep scan" option. (Search speed will be noticeably slow down both on a hard drive and fast SSD).

Also enable “Restore damaged files” option as it allows scanning of damaged files.

Other options can be left as they are; click “Search”.

Hard drive scanning settings

Wait till the end of scanning.

Step 5: Viewing of search results

Viewing recovery results in Auslogics File Recovery

As you can see from the screenshot most of the recovered files on a hard disk lost their original name after formatting.

It's easy to use the preview window and viewing by headers to check files integrity.

Step 6: Recovering files after deletion or a partition formatting

The second scenario: a partition was deleted and another one was created instead of it. Thus, the data wasn't physically deleted by user but overwritten with other information. To recover formatted drive:

Open “Tool – Scan for lost partitions”.

Searching for deleted partitions on a hard drive after formatting

Select the drive to search for deleted partitions and specify the scanning range in Auslogics File Recovery.

The result will be shown as a list of deleted partitions. It will appear below all drives list in the main program window. In the future, you can recover the files from those partitions as shown above. 

Bottom line

Using Auslogics File Recovery as an example we explained how to recover data from hard disk after format. Actually recovery after formatting a HDD partition isn't always possible. After repeated overwriting the chances are extremely low and no program can promise a positive result.

If you have any questions concerning data recovery or Auslogics File Recovery settings ask them via the feedback form.

Answers to readers' questions

1. My husband has formatted the laptop (as it started to malfunction and he thought it was because of a virus and decided to perform a formatting). He said he made a backup copy. But of course after formatting we can't find it anywhere. The laptop began to work extremely slowly and freeze up. Windows 8 is installed on it. And after formatting everything has changed a bit. It used to turn on and load very fast, but now it takes a long time. Now it turns off not via "Start" but via side panel settings. So, how to recover data from formatted hard disk?

I'd like to know how to recover the files on the hard drive? I really want to recover the photos of my child. I can't find them anywhere else. Well, could you please also tell me how to bring back the original version? I think something was deleted as some functions changed a bit. But the most important, of course, is to recover the files.

2. I wanted to transfer photos from my phone Samsung Galaxy 6 to an external hard drive. Because of my carelessness, the files were removed after formatting. Is it possible to recover data from formatted drive?

The answer. Files recovery after hard drive formatting is one of Auslogics File Recovery functions.

Try to remember on which drive the photos of your child were stored and specify it in the recovery wizard. To speed up the search choose photo as the file type. Set all settings in Auslogics File Recovery as it described in this manual. Make sure to enable Perform Deep Scan option for a thorough analysis of a hard drive file table. File names can change after formatting so focus on the image format and use file preview.

Good luck!

External hard drive was connected to Samsung TV. Our child accidentally pressed the record button on the remote. And the TV has formatted a hard drive before recording. How and via what formatted hard disk data recovery software can I recover the data? Is it possible to recover data from a hard drive after formatting at all?

The answer. There is a chance but it all depends on the formatting method (Quick or Full) and the amount of time which has passed after the deletion of data. If after formatting you've written any files onto the drive, with each new loop of writing the chances decrease.

Is there a chance to recover photos after D and E disks have been formatted without saving anywhere the information stored on them? Then we tried a few times to install Windows on the laptop as we didn't manage to the first time. Is there any way or any format data recovery software?

The answer. Multiple re-installation definitely reduces the chances of recovery. You should have connected the HDD to another computer and install on that PC Auslogics File Recovery. In this case, "hot pursuit" recovery would have made more sense. Try to do it now, if there is another computer at your disposal.

If this isn't possible download and install Auslogics File Recovery. Specify the system disk to search for deleted files and activate deep scanning.

I've formatted the F disk instead of a flash drive via Totalcmd (programs, photos, video, text, music). I figured it out immediately, so no other actions were carried out and I also turned off wifi. I would like to recover everything or at least photos and videos (it's a family archive). Give me advice, please.

The answer. Auslogics File Recovery or any other program for file recovery will help you. To speed up use file type filter or scan the whole formatted partition to get a complete picture.

We suggest making a copy of the formatted partition and plug it for recovery as you will be able to work on your computer like before and the image will be available for reading and scanning to all the best format recovery software.

Vlad Brown, USA, Buffalo, WY

Vlad is a professional writer. He has expert knowledge in data recovery with 15 years of experience. He started his career as a journalist by reviewing PC and mobile apps. His current responsibilities are to keep track of users' questions and answer them. 

His current responsibilities are to keep track of users' questions and provide answers to them, write proven manuals, be the website technical support and also run a Youtube channel.

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