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Accu​Battery is an indispensable tool in case your phone runs out of battery very fast, but you can't find out the reason for it. The app allows to optimize the battery and displays detailed information on the loss of battery. 

The user of Accu​Battery is provided with the following capabilities:

  • Optimization. Showing the time until the battery of a device is completely discharged and on the screen with "Optimize" button.
  • Junk (system cleanup). Additional tool for removing junk (such as cookies, unnecessary system reports, logs). A user can get rid of all junk files in one click or by specifying apps manually.
  • Optimization modes. In addition to the standard configuration, Accu​Battery offers super economy mode "Long Life". When it's activated, all power-consuming apps are disabled. Moreover, users can also create their own modes.

When you connect a charger, Android battery widget – Accu​Battery – is enabled, and if desired, it can be disabled.

This software is distributed free of charge and has no paid subscriptions. Among its unique features we can highlight wide range of settings, and its only disadvantage is the presence of ads.

The manual on how to use Accu​Battery

  1. After opening the program, tap "Optimize" button in order to save battery power; the information on service life will change immediately.
  2. Via "Modes" button at the bottom of the screen you can choose standard configurations or customize your own optimization mode.
  3. In the "List of blocked" you can find the apps which won't be closed when optimizing and changing modes. You can add software to this list or remove it from there.
  4. In order to access Accu​Battery settings tap the button in the upper left corner. Accu​Battery settings are pretty standard: notifications on the loss of battery, high temperature alerts and enabling and disabling the home screen widget. 

Download AccuBattery

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His current responsibilities are to keep track of users' questions and provide answers to them, write proven manuals, be the website technical support and also run a Youtube channel.

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