hard drive fix tools

Best software to recover data from a hard drive

Submitted on 07/24/2018

If you've lost valuable files, don't fall into despair: it's possible to recover data from a hard drive and even an ordinary user can do it.

File deleted from a hard drive in fact remains in the same place. The only thing is that it's labelled with a “zero” in the file table. Files can be recovered as long as the information isn't overwritten.

HDD Regenerator for Windows: review

Submitted on 03/21/2018
HDD regeneration is the restoration of damaged data, fixing bad blocks by transferring them to another area on the hard disk.

HDD Health Check: Monitoring Your Hard Drive Health

Submitted on 01/22/2018
Do you have problems with your hard drive? Noticed write or read speed dropping down? Thinking to get a new HDD? HDD Health tool demonstrates disk performance in the form of a visual scale.