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Hard drive fix / repair tools

What should you do, if your computer doesn't recognize an external hard drive?

Submitted on 04/25/2019

USB HDD and SSD can be characterized as pretty handy and user-friendly devices, but quite often the following problem occurs: when you connect an external drive, the operating system can't detect it. The causes for it may vary: invalid file system, damaged port and incorrect operation of drivers in the OS. Sometimes the reason is actually a faulty drive.

In this article we're going to tell you what to do, if your computer doesn't recognize an external hard drive,the system won't detect it and files aren't shown in Windows Explorer.

Best programs to read SMART attributes on a HDD

Submitted on 02/07/2019
Figuring out how SMART works and what programs are the most suitable for diagnosing an HDD or SSD. Determining the status of your hard drive with the help of indicators: whether it needs to be replaced and for how long it can continue operating.

How to repair bad sectors on hard drive: 3 ways

Submitted on 11/06/2018
What is bad blocks and what are the reasons for their occurrence. 3 ways how you can repair bad hdd sectors and hard disk read errors via HDD Regenerator, Victoria HDD and CHKDSK utilities for Windows.

Best software to recover data from a hard drive

Submitted on 07/24/2018
Review on the best free and paid desktop apps for recovering files from hard drives and other storage devices. Describing its features + providing a mini-manual on each program. TestDisk, PhotoRec, Recuva - which hard drive recovery software is the most suitable for searching?

HDD Regenerator for Windows: review

Submitted on 03/21/2018
HDD regeneration is the restoration of damaged data, fixing bad blocks by transferring them to another area on the hard disk.

HDD Health Check: Monitoring Your Hard Drive Health

Submitted on 01/22/2018
Do you have problems with your hard drive? Noticed write or read speed dropping down? Thinking to get a new HDD? HDD Health tool demonstrates disk performance in the form of a visual scale.