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HDD/SSD data recovery

You have deleted a file from your hard drive? We've gathered here all our manuals on how to recover data from a hard drive on your own, as well as guides on the best recovery programs for a PC and Windows.

PhotoRec review (Windows GUI Version)

Submitted on 03/31/2019
Free PhotoRec program is designed for recovering multimedia data from HDDs, USB sticks, SD cards and other storage devices. Review on PhotoRec recovery features and its scanning options. Where you can download PhotoRec for Windows and other operating systems.

Piriform Recuva for Windows: review

Submitted on 03/13/2019
What is Recuva and what are the advantages of partition data recovery via this program. The difference between Free and Pro versions. The types of data which can be recovered from a hard disk. Why is Deep Scan option useful.

Recuva - cross functional tool for data recovery on Windows 10

Submitted on 03/12/2019

Recuva is a cross functional tool for file recovery on Windows 10. With this program you can recover photos, video, text documents and other files regardless of their extension, storage device type and the method of their deletion. It works with Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS.


Recovering data from a hard drive partition

Submitted on 02/04/2019
Data recovery from a hard drive deleted / formatted partition. How to find a deleted HDD partition via recovery software like TestDisk and Ontrack EasyRecovery. Scanning and analyzing a deleted partition and saving the results onto your hard drive.

SSD data recovery

Submitted on 01/26/2019
Storing files on an SSD differs from an HDD. Accordingly, the process of data recovery also differs. In this article we'll show you how to configure Recuva for scanning and how to search for deleted files on an SSD via it. The tips given there can increase the chances of SSD data recovery.

How to recover data from hard disk via EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Submitted on 08/07/2018
How to work with EaseUS Data Recovery while recovering data from your hard drive or deleted partition: configuring it, running an HDD scanning and saving the results of recovery. The main features of free and paid versions. The limitations of EaseUS Data Recovery trial version.

Files recovery after formatting in Auslogics File Recovery program

Submitted on 07/27/2018
You have accidentally formatted your hard drive and only after you remembered that important data was stored there? Auslogics File Recovery program allows you to find files by signatures, i.e. special data areas which are stored in the file table of your hard disk. Besides, this program is able to recover deleted partition (s). Read more by clicking the link below the description.

Best software to recover data from a hard drive

Submitted on 07/24/2018
Review on the best free and paid desktop apps for recovering files from hard drives and other storage devices. Describing its features + providing a mini-manual on each program. TestDisk, PhotoRec, Recuva - which hard drive recovery software is the most suitable for searching?

Diskdigger for PC: review

Submitted on 06/16/2018
The list with the features of DiskDigger — a desktop hdd data recovery software. Which scanning mode to choose: Dig Deep or Dig Deeper? User reviews on DiskDigger and the quality of its recovery.

The type of the file system is RAW: how to fix partition

Submitted on 04/10/2018

It is a rather widespread problem: SD Card or HDD is not accessible, the type of the file system is RAW. At the same time Windows (7-10) gives notification “unable to run chkdsk on the disk”.

What is RAW, how bad is the problem for the hard drive (memory stick or memory card) and how to fix the file system error – read on.


How to make a bootable USB flash via HDD Regenerator app

Submitted on 04/06/2018
A bootable USB flash drive can help to fix errors and repair bad sectors on your hard drive, if you aren't able to launch Windows. It can be recorded via HDD Regenerator. Read a step-by-step manual on how to make such USB flash drive.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery: Program Review

Submitted on 04/01/2018
Figuring out how Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery program works. Recovering RAID and HDD as well as deleted partitions and answering the question "what is the difference between Deep Scan and Quick Scan modes?". The key features of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery.