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HDD/SSD data recovery

How to make a bootable USB flash via HDD Regenerator app

Submitted on 04/06/2018

A question from the reader:

"The hard disk stopped working. There is a suspicion that the reason is bad blocks, because earlier there were symptoms suggesting it. The problem is that I can’t boot Windows. How to create a bootable USB flash drive with HDD Regenerator program, if it is at all possible? Will it work like live cd?"

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery: Program Review

Submitted on 04/01/2018

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – data recovery software for OS Windows 7, 8 and 10 along with other versions. It is effective  for:

  • deleted partition recovery,
  • hard drives and SSD with reading errors,
  • scanning SD Cards and USB flash drives,
  • restoring any file types (> 300).

The tool includes Deep Scan option which can help you deal with complicated cases of data recovery on data storage devices.

Active File Recovery for Windows: software review. RAID 0 data recovery

Submitted on 03/02/2018

Active File Recovery is a program designed to restore files on various storage devices:

  • fixed disks (hard disks, usb flash drives and memory cards),
  • removable discs (cd/dvd/bluray).

The QuickScan and Superscan modes allow you to select the optimal ratio of recovery time vs efficiency. It is also possible to create a virtual copy of the disk and to restore from raid 0-1-5 (in pro version).

All in all, it makes Active File Recovery a powerful, effective and in some situations indispensable tool.

PhotoRec review (Windows GUI Version)

Submitted on 09/05/2017
PhotoRec is a free utility to recover data from damaged or formatted disk partitions, devices, flash memory media, SD cards, digital photo and video camera memory