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How to fix Android process acore error


Popular Android OS which is installed on billions devices around the world isn't immune to system failures. Gadget owners face errors reducing their devices performance and limiting the functionality of various apps. If "android.process.acore" message appears on your screen, stay calm and don't panic: you should simply follow the instructions, if you want to to fix your smartphone operation.

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The reasons for problems to occur

An error related to software incorrect operation can be detected on any manufacturer device, regardless of its Android OS installed version.

Trouble spots:

  • accidental or intentional deletion of important files and folders;
  • system programs failure;
  • installation of different software but of the same type and with similar functions, which results in conflict between executable files;
  • virus infection.

Most often, users complain of facing difficulties while working with Hangouts messenger, "Calendar" and "Contacts", but "Android process acore" error is also typical of WiFi module, "Camera", Google maps, "Navigator" and other apps.

How to fix this failure:

  • perform a data reset of a non-working program;
  • uninstall it;
  • modify the file others.xml;
  • get rid of malware on your device;
  • perform a factory reset to or reflash your smartphone.

Restoring "Contacts" functionality

If an error "unfortunately the process android process acore has stopped" appears when you attempt to edit or add new contacts, you should:

1. go to your device settings;

2. select "Settings - Apps - All Apps" section;

3. tap on "Contacts - Storage";

4. run "Clear data" process.

All the information will be deleted, but your device will start to work stably. It's advisable to enable synchronization with Google Contacts, if you don't want to lose important phone numbers.

How to fix problems with "Calendar", Hangouts, and WiFi

You can fix failures of your device calendar storage and Hangouts in the following way:

  • select "Settings", then "Apps";
  • check program status;
  • change it: stop a running app or vice versa;
  • restart the device.

If the error concerns WiFi module:

  • figure out which programs access Internet via WiFi;
  • delete them one after another, checking whether the problem is fixed.

Editing others.xml

Sometimes when a smartphone owners play around with root rights it disrupts the operation of their gadgets and some programs. In Android OS there is a possibility to extend the functionality of your device by editing a special file. It can be found in the folder system/csc /.

A step-by-step procedure of system debugging:

  1. download a file manager designed to work in a superuser mode (Root Explorer, for example);
  2. copy others.xml to any location as a backup file;
  3. open a source file;
  4. find the line mentioning the non-running app. For example, for camera it's Camera, for calendar — Calendar;
  5. instead of TRUE insert FALSE;
  6. save the file;
  7. restart your device.

Deleting viruses

Devices with extended rights (root access) are vulnerable to malware attacks which block individual system files. As a result, the user sees a window notifying that "Android process acore has stopped unexpectedly".

The ways of solving the problem:

  • download an antivirus utility from a reliable developer from Google Play;
  • scan your device internal memory and its SD card;
  • get rid of dangerous objects.

If nothing manages to help...

In some cases, standard recommendations aren't suitable. The only way to solve it is a hard reset or reflashing of a smartphone. Keep in mind that any of these actions will delete all user apps and other data.

How to perform a hard reset:

  • find "General management - Reset - Factory data reset" option in your settings;
  • run the procedure.

Reflashing your phone will certainly help you to fix many types of problems. It can be done on your own or you can use the services provided by a support center.

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