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I can't log in my Instagram account


[I can't log in my Instagram account: common problems, sign in errors, describing a solution and the process of troubleshooting mobile devices]

Instagram updates are a frequent phenomenon which comes together with numerous problems in the operation of this social network and, accordingly, mass reach outs from Instagram users for support.

The official FAQ sections don't describe all the difficulties arising while trying to log in or sign up on Instagram, as well as possible solutions. We've gathered the most common errors occurring while logging in Instagram and the ways to solve them in this article.

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Errors occurring while authorizing via a mobile device

Issues with logging into Instagram via mobile devices (both Android and iOS) can arise for several reasons and be accompanied by the display of messages that an Instagram app error occurred. 

Changing the password for logging in Instagram

The best solution of the problem with Instagram arising after changing your mobile device will be the change of the password via email (from a new device). 


Using Facebook for signing up

Keep in mind that you can log in your Instagram account via Facebook. However, it will only work if you've previously linked your Instagram account to your Facebook account.

Solving the "Challenge required" problem

The help center doesn't cover how to log in your Instagram account via a phone which hasn't been used to access this account before. But there is such problem. If "Challenge required" appears when you enter your login when the account on the old phone is unable to open, you have to:

  1. Go to the web version of Instagram,
  2. When you try to log in, the "Challenge" window will be displayed, 
  3. You have to confirm that exactly this person is the user who is trying to log in.

Error "Try again later"

If "Try again later" error occurred while you were trying to log into Instagram, give a try to the following:

  1. Install Instagram app for Windows 10, 
  2. You can link your Facebook and Instagram accounts by connecting your Facebook profile,
  3. Wait for 5-10 minutes,
  4. Logging in Instagram from your phone via Facebook. 

Most likely, there will be no problem with signing up. 

Log in Instagram via a browser

If the previous method doesn't suit your needs for any reason, you can log in Instagram from your phone via the web version of Instagram: 

  1. You have to log in Instagram, 
  2. Go to the settings and mark "Temporarily disable my account", 
  3. From the list of the proposed reasons choose "Login issues". 

Of course, your account itself won't disappear and after a couple of hours you can get back to it. The process of enabling your account again should be done via the mobile app. It should be noted that with such algorithm no problems with authorization should longer be observed.

"Login Help" option

If none of the mentioned above methods work out, it makes sense to use the option offered by the social network itself. In order to do this:

  1. On the login page find and tap the barely noticeable link called "Help with login", 
  2. In the opened window enter the email you specified when registering your account,
  3. Tap "Send an email". 
  4. When you open the letter, tap blue button and select Instagram when answering “how to open the social network...”, question. 
  5. Mark the "Use this selection always" option.

Denying network connections

Another reason for the login failure is the prevention of network connections for Instagram app. In such case, you have to open the settings of the app controlling the access to networks (firewall, proxy server or VPN) and configure the corresponding permissions.

Resetting a phone 

Well, the most radical way which you should use only after weighing every possible consequence for several times, is to roll back your phone to its factory settings

Important note. When you perform a Hard Reset, all your user data stored in the internal memory of your phone will be erased. So it's better to create a backup copy of important files in advance. 

Reinstalling Instagram app

The easiest but less effective way is to uninstall and reinstall Instagram app. In some cases for some users this method can be really helpful.

Issues with instagram account registration

Not only those who are trying to log in, but also those who are just creating an account may face problems with the mobile app.

Message "Sorry, there was an error creating your account. Try again later" is designed to protect Instagram from fake sign ups.

Disabling a proxy server

Such need can occur when a proxy server is used in your browser during registration. In order to solve this problem simply disable the proxy.

Rebooting a router

If you don't use a proxy server but the problem is still there, you should restart your router in order to help your computer obtain new IP address. Note that this option will only work if your IP is dynamic.

With static IP the best option is to register from another location.

Difficulties and errors occurring when logging in via a PC browser

When Instagram users try to log in via a browser, they're redirected to the login page and Instagram doesn't share the reason for the refusal to log in.

Possible solutions:

  1. You have to make sure that you've enter the correct pair of your login – password;
  2. Clear your browser history and if you don't manage to get rid of the error, try to recover your password via email.

Unknown Instagram network error

On the login page "Unknown Instagram network error" message pops up. The variants of solution:

  1. The first step is to check the Internet connection and in order to do so you can try to use the mobile Internet (if your PC supports such option)
  2. Try to log in to your Instagram account via your smartphone.

If your try to log in will be a successful one, than the problem is with your Internet provider. Let's just hope that over time this problem will disappear with no effort from the side of a user.

Readers' questions

I can't log in to Instagram, it says that it's a suspicious attempt to log in and sends a code to the number I've lost access to. What can I do?

The answer. You can restore access not only via a phone, but also via e-mail or Facebook account. Give a try to the alternative methods described in our article. 

I have performed a factory reset Now I can't install Instagram from Playmarket. It says “your phone doesn't support this app.” Although it has been installed before.

The answer. You can update your Android version and try to install the app again. If it doesn't work, look for the old version of Instagram on the website In an extreme case, use the browser version of Instagram for login. 

After a hard reset Instagram won't install. Notification stating “No Internet connection. Check your WiFi or cellular connection and try again" appears. The most interesting fact is that both WiFi and network connection are enabled. I've already checked if the system date and time as well as the hosts file are correct (everything is fine, What else can I do in order to get the apps installed?

The answer. Check if any proxy or vpn apps are installed on your phone. They should be uninstalled or direct access to Instagram should be set up. Alternatively, update or reinstall Instagram app (this version may no longer be connected to the social network). 

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His current responsibilities are to keep track of users' questions and provide answers to them, write proven manuals, be the website technical support and also run a Youtube channel.

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