JetFlash Recovery Tool – fixing the flash drive online

Submitted on 06/03/2018

Jetflash online recovery is a handy program to rapidly fix JetFlash USB Transcend flash drives via the Internet. The program makes it possible to solve the problem (wrong formatting, reading errors) without asking professionals for help. This utility is free and available through the manufacturer's website.

The application will require Internet, free working USB port and Microsoft Windows XP – 10 operating system. The program must be run with administrator rights.


How to fix errors on the flash drive

  1. Insert the flash drive into the USB port
  2. Run the file OnLineRecovery.exe
  3. To fix errors on the drive select "Repair drive & keep existing data" and click the START button.
  4. Upon completion remove the flash drive and plug it in again.

jfr 02

How to format a USB flash drive

If the previous method doesn't help try to format the flash drive with Jetflash USB Recovery Tool. Keep in mind that all the data stored on the usb drive will be permanently deleted.

To format the drive:

  1. Select "Repair drive & erase all data". Click "Start".
  2. Upon completion click "Exit" and unplug / plug the flash drive again into the USB port.

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Download JetFlash Recovery Tool

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