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Virus protection software for Android

Best apps for removing spyware from Android phone

Submitted on 02/15/2019
Spyware is called software stealing personal data from mobile devices and transmitting it to malefactors' servers. Spyware can operate in different modes like discreet or annoying.

VirusTotal: online antivirus for Android

Submitted on 08/02/2018
Today we're going to discuss how to delete a virus from Android. We're going to check installed mobile apps for trojans, malware, worms and, in general, any malicious code.  

Kaspersky VirusDesk: online scanning of internet links

Submitted on 08/02/2018
You can catch a virus even if you've just visited a webpage. If you don't have an antivirus, the probability of catching a virus with your phone by opening a questionable resource is quite high.