text messages / sms recovery

How to read old text messages on your Android phone

Submitted on 07/15/2018

Old text messages deleted from your phone can urgently become necessary again. Is it possible to read them if they were deleted deliberately or unconsciously?

There is no single answer, but there is always a chance (even a small one) to restore old text messages. If Android Oreo, Nougat or other versions of OS is installed on your device you can try to do it. If you fail to restore deleted messages entirely, some parts of the information can be read: for example, message text, sender's telephone number, the date and etc.

How to recover deleted SMS with SIM Manager

Submitted on 05/28/2018

In spite of the fact that Android users communicate via messengers (like Viber and Whatsapp) exchanging sms messages hasn't lost its value.

Sms messages often contain some important data (like addresses, passwords, codes and phone numbers). Once important messages are lost (by accident or on purpose) an urgent need to recover them arises.

In this guide you will find out how to recover deleted sms and what tools to use. Also you will learn how exactly messages are deleted and why it isn't always possible to recover them.