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USB flash drive recovery

Repairing a USB flash drive with your hands

Submitted on 02/06/2019

The repair of a USB flash drive has its own features. The good news are that unlike SD cards these devices are maintainable. Therefore, if you can't replace your pen stick on a warranty, why don't you use 60-70% chance and repair it?

In this article we're going to consider different cases and typical issues associated with the breakdown of USB flash drives, as well as options of their solution.  

The contents:

How to make a bootable USB flash via HDD Regenerator app

Submitted on 04/06/2018

A question from the reader:

"The hard disk stopped working. There is a suspicion that the reason is bad blocks, because earlier there were symptoms suggesting it. The problem is that I can’t boot Windows. How to create a bootable USB flash drive with HDD Regenerator program, if it is at all possible? Will it work like live cd?"