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USB flash drive recovery

USB device isn't recognized by Windows: how to fix the error

Submitted on 11/10/2018

Connection through a USB port is one of the most popular ways of quick data exchange. Everyone will find gadgets with such kind of cable connector in their houses: smartwatches, players, smartphones and tablets which can be connected to a personal computer or a laptop. If the connection between them is incorrect, a familiar notification pops up: "USB device isn't recognized."

How to make a bootable USB flash via HDD Regenerator app

Submitted on 04/06/2018

A question from the reader:

"The hard disk stopped working. There is a suspicion that the reason is bad blocks, because earlier there were symptoms suggesting it. The problem is that I can’t boot Windows. How to create a bootable USB flash drive with HDD Regenerator program, if it is at all possible? Will it work like live cd?"