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VirusTotal: online antivirus for Android


Today we're going to discuss how to delete a virus from Android. We're going to check installed mobile apps for trojans, malware, worms and, in general, any malicious code.  

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Install VirusTotal Mobile app on your phone

VirusTotal service works via browser, but in addition there is a mobile app for Android, which makes the process of checking an entire phone much easier. Using service functionality, Mobile VirusTotal detects all existing types of threats on a mobile platform.

Virustotal Mobile app

Download online virus scanner for Android

After scanning, VirusTotal shows detailed statistics with the results. Which is a list of mobile apps: suspicious, infected and safe. Based on this, infected apps can be manually deleted and user can pay attention to questionable ones and decide what to do with them.

Similarly to online service, the app supports fifty virus scanners, so it can be considered a strong, even though not an integrated* alternative to ordinary mobile antiviruses, and it doesn't overload phone resources.

* VirusTotal Mobile won't protect your phone from trojans and malware in real time. This is a web scanner suitable for planned (one-time or fixed-term) checks of a mobile device.

In addition to checking apps for viruses, VirusTotal Mobile is also useful for scanning suspicious URL addresses and domains. You can also upload any file to VirusTotal service via the app for checking.

How to use VirusTotal service via browser

If you don't want to install mobile app or you just want to check certain files on your computer, use a multi purpose web antivirus browser version.

Go to VirusTotal website

On VirusTotal website main page you'll find tabs with three functions:

  • File is a file scanning (up to 128 MB);
  • URL when a separate link or a whole website are checked for viruses;
  • Search is a useful tab when you need to find records on a domain or a file (or other users' comments) in the database.

Checking for viruses via VirusTotal file scanner  

To begin with, download a file (the maximum size is 128 MB).

As the results of scanning, you find “Antivirus - Result” statistics in "Detection" tab.

VirusTotal scanner is impressive: as it has already been mentioned, scanning is performed through dozens of antiviruses databases.

As same as in VirusTotal mobile version, you can find extended statistics in "Details" tab. Relevant information is available depending on file type.

Bottom line

VirusTotal opportunities are useful for mobile devices users who don't want to install an antivirus for a single checking.  

No doubts, desktop platform users also find the functionality of VirusTotal useful: for example, if they want to check malware online or scan a website for viruses, trojans or phishing.

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His current responsibilities are to keep track of users' questions and provide answers to them, write proven manuals, be the website technical support and also run a Youtube channel.

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