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What is Howtorecover

Howtorecover is a guide for those who’ve lost their important files and are figuring out how to get them back on their own.


In the first place, I would recommend turning to the Howto – recovery guidance for all kinds of data, including:

  • user data and multimedia content on Android and iOS mobile devices
  • files on HDD and SSD, deleted and formatted partitions
  • video files on memory cards and USB flash drives


Another page I would suggest looking at is Interviews with specialists, professionals and expert users who know the worth of lost files. They share their experience and tell about the mistakes they made or make, apps they find useful, give advice on storing data and backing it up early rather than late.

Ask the expert

For sure, not all the topics have been fully covered, so you can always ask a question in the Ask the expert section. I can’t promise to reply to everyone but it will definitely help me improve and update the current instructions with new cases and solutions.

Best recovery software

Many file types can be recovered without going to a data recovery service but with the help of free or paid software. In the Best software section I compiled the data recovery software for desktop and mobile which proved effective.


Cooperation offers can be e-mailed from the contact form together with any comments and issues related to the materials covered. I also encourage you to share your cases: how you lost your files and managed to recover them, which software and methods you used for that. I will be happy to post the most interesting ones to HowToRecover.