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Howtorecover: Recover data on your own

Submitted on 02/12/2018

If you lost your valuable files it doesn’t mean you have to rush to data recovery services and pay loads of money. Take your time, calm down and try restoring data yourself.

As a rule this is not complicated but safe provided that it is not long after your data was lost. Besides, you don’t need to be an advanced Android or iOS user with years of experience in data recovery.

Our guides are here to assist you in getting your files back. How? Simply turn to the relevant section on the page (see below).

Select file type to restore

Video recovery: films and videos stored on the phone and deleted by mistake together with photos and other media files

Deleted contacts recovery: phone numbers of friends and acquaintances from Android Contacts, on SIM card and other contact information

Deleted photo recovery: images, photos from Android Gallery or downloaded mobile data, damaged pictures

Recover messages: text messages, chats in Skype, WhatsApp, etc.

Where were files deleted from?

Recover deleted files from SD Card: people usually store their photos and documents on SD Cards. Consequently, they get lost from SD Card as well.

Data recovery from phone memory: one of the most complicated variants of recovery. Recovery tools don’t recognize internal storage of a phone as separate disk and scanning for files takes longer.

Recovering files from a USB flash drive: these little data storage devices often break down or experience reading errors.

Recovery from hard disk and SSD: despite the fact that desktop platforms are becoming less popular year after year, the problem of losing files has always stayed.

Best data recovery tools for mobile and desktop

Here we’ve collected what we believe is best data recovery software for mobile phones (Android, iOS) and personal computers (Windows / Mac OS / Linux). All the tools have been tested, and their features have been proved to work. We are not going to mention apps which charge for fake features.

Read the app review, examine possible options and download soft following the link. If it turns out unhelpful, try other tools, thanks god the choice is quite rich.

Didn’t manage to restore files? Send us a question

Describe your issue using our feedback form. Give us details on where the files were deleted from, when and how, and we will try to give you an answer. Besides, your question will clarify and make more complete questions by other users, which is of great help for us in making our recovery guides more helpful.

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