Howtorecover: Recover data on your own

If you have lost your valuable files, it doesn’t mean you have to rush to data recovery services and pay loads of money. Calm down, take your time, and try to restore the data yourself.

You don’t need to be an advanced user with years of experience in data recovery. As a rule, this is not complicated but it is safe, provided it has not been long after your data was lost.

Our guides are here to assist you in getting your files back. Simply turn to the relevant section.

1 Select for file type

Select the file types or extensions you want to recover.

Video recovery

MP4, AVI, and HD video stored on the phone and/or deleted by mistake together with photos and other media files.

Contacts recovery

deleted phone numbers of friends and acquaintances from Android Contacts app, call logs and other contact information; SIM card recovery.

Photo recovery

deleted JPG/PNG files from Android Gallery; downloaded photos on mobile, pictures damaged after recovery; Google Photos.

Message recovery

WhatsApp and Facebook chats, text messages from conversations, etc.

2 Where were files deleted from?

Choose the data storage device you want to fix or recover data from.

SD Card

People usually store their photos and documents on SD cards. Consequently, they get lost from SD cards as well.

Phone memory

Some recovery tools don’t recognize internal storage of a phone as a separate disk and scanning for files takes longer.

USB flash drive

These little data storage devices often break down or experience reading errors.


Despite the fact that desktop platforms are becoming less popular, the problem of losing files has always stayed.