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The best software for repairing broken mp4 videos

Written by: Ilia

Data recovery specialist, guest author, journalist.

Video files fail to open due to a number of reasons: damages caused by any virus, software bugs and hardware failures because of an emergency power off. Of course, it's obvious why it isn't always easy to say goodbye to a file, especially if it's, for example, a memorable recording of a child's party or a wedding.

Programs for repairing mp4 video can help to “cure” corrupted files partially or completely, if you're lucky enough. The leaders among the relevant software in this category are:


Note. Not every mp4 repair tool is able to repair a video with corrupted data structures. Therefore, if you want to retrieve a corrupted video at any cost, you should try out as many as possible methods described in this article.

Stellar Phoenix Video Repair tool

Stellar Phoenix Video Repair allows you to mp4 file or any corrupted video, partially or completely. It can repair a video from a camera, Android smartphone, drone and other devices with internal and removable media storage devices. The software analyzes the downloaded file for program errors and then fixes them by substituting lost during the process of conversion /compression bits of information.

How to repair a corrupt mp4 file via Stellar Phoenix Video Repair:

  1. Open the program after installing it,
  2. Choose a video file you want to repair on the main screen,
  3. Start the process of repairing by pressing the corresponding button.

In order to fix video from a sample recorded by the same device, you need to add an example via the menu.

The supported formats are: besides mp4, Stellar Phoenix Video Repair effectively works with MOV, MP4, F4V, M4V, 3GP and 3G2 files under Windows and Mac. In the full version simultaneous repairing of multiple videos is available.

The cost of Stellar Phoenix Video Repair Pro version is 69,99$.The free version has all the features of this utility, with the only exception: the size of a file you want to repair must be less than 10 MB.


Restore.Media repairing technology is build on searching for all existing file fragments as well as on repairing based on available information from separate micro blocks in the structure. This method gives a chance to repair a corrupted video, but not always completely as a badly damaged document is likely to be repaired without its sound or picture.

How to work with Restore.Media program: this recovery program works online in automatic mode. To access repairing features you have to go through the process of a short registration.

The supported formats are: the service works with mp4, mov, mv4, m4a, qt, 3gp, video codecs AVC / H. 264 and HEVC / H. 265, audio AAC, ADPCM, PCM, MP3 and AMR. The feature of manual repairing of MXF format is separate from others and in order to gain access to it you need to contact the website technical support.

The cost of a file repair depends on its size, video duration and its format and is calculated individually for each uploaded document.

Download Restore.Media

Video Repair Tool

The process of repairing a video is quite standard: analyzing ⟩ collecting data ⟩ repairing and saving the results. This method works only if the corruption of a document is minor and the information needed for repairing is available and not irretrievably lost.

How to fix broken mp4 with the program:

  1. In Video Repair Tool main window choose the type of camera you've recorded a video with,
  2. Download the corrupted file you can't play,
  3. Wait till Video Repair Tool applies all the possible options to repair the video,
  4. Before saving the video, you can watch its preview,
  5. Save the result.

The supported formats are: apart from mp4, it can also repair .mov, .m4v and .3gp video files.

Pro version of the  mp4 fixer costs 99 EUR and the features of free version are limited by the frame dimension. When the full version recovers the best from all possible resolutions, the demo version recovers half as worst.

Download Video Repair Tool

Remo Repair MOV Tool

Repairing technology as in other programs of this kind uses a "healthy" file and all available information from a corrupted one. If it's impossible to download a video, recorded by the same device, you have to download any video in the same format as the one you're trying to repair.

How to work with Remo Repair MOV Tool:

  1. Install the program on your PC,
  2. Firstly download an example file through the main window, then the corrupted one and click Repair,
  3. After the process is finished a preview window and a menu (where you can specify the location to save the repaired copy) will open.

Nonetheless, the corrupted file isn't changed and it's still available for further experiments. Therefore, if Remo Repair MOV Tool doesn't manage to help you, you can try to repair the video via another utility.

The formats supported by Remo Repair MOV Tool are: besides mp4, the software works with mov under Windows and MacOS.

Pro version costs 69,97$ and its free version doesn't allow to save the result.

JPEG Recovery LAB  software

JPEG Recovery Lab is a free video repair tool

Repairing technologies:

  • via a pattern of an uncorrupted video file
  • via scanning / searching for changed file blocks available for repairing.

How to repair broken mp4 via the program:

  1. Launch JPEG Recovery LAB,
  2. Download via the main window the file you want to repair,
  3. Run the scanning,
  4. Save the result on your HDD.
  5. The supported formats are: apart from mp4, Recovery LAB also supports MOV, AVI, MPEG-2, DAV, as well as JPG images (JPEG), CR2 (Canon RAW) and NEF (Nikon RAW).

The cost of JPEG Recovery LAB pro version is 199,95$ for a year and 35,95$ per month.

Download JPEG Recovery LAB

Answers - Questions - Users Reviews

If anyone is interested, I've found a good utility for repairing videos:

Even though you have to pay for this program, the free mode has its full functionality with the only exception: the duration of a repaired video is 2 times smaller than of its original and in order to be able to repair you'll need an uncorrupted video recorded by the same device. In my case, the video was repaired excellently, but only without sound.

HD Video Repair Utility helped me a lot. However, its demo mode repairs only 50% of the file, but I easily tricked the program by making my file 2 times bigger. Long story short, the license costs €30 for 5 repairing sessions or €100 for an unlimited amount of repairing sessions.

In order to trick the limitations of the free version, in Windows press Win+R (or Run), type 'cmd' in the command prompt, open the required folder with the video (cd 'path\to\folder') and run the command

copy /b video.mp4+video.mp4 doublevideo.mp4

where video.mp4 is your corrupted file, and as the output you'll get a 2 times larger file doublevideo.mp4.

This is the file you feed the program with, you'll also need a file recorded by the same camera. Personally, I managed to repair videos made by GoPro Hero and they were repaired from a corrupted HDD.

Also I suggest checking the box next to "Encode..." in the options as thus the program will automatically encode a repaired video, after doing it any player I tried managed to run this file. Without choosing this feature I failed to play the repaired video.

Thank you very much for sharing this simple algorithm of how to double a file. Thanks to the developers for such a great app. Now I've found a simple (and yet the only one I know) method how to repair for free MP4 video titles and also from Nokia 808 and N8 mobile phones, when they're placed at the end of a file. I would recommend it to everyone.

Thank you for your help and the time you spent on doing it. I gave a try to different programs. Only 7-Data Recovery Suite sees the video (there are 7 videos in general). Others won't even recognize it... All in all, there is no hope with this SD card. This SD card with all the data stored on it was inserted in a DVR (no comments). After its removal, it only had 1 file weighing 3 GB and of weird origin. The file was deleted and I attempted to save what was left. The photos were recovered without any problems. When video were recovered in jpeg. Then I came to a conclusion that there was nothing left to fight for anymore and the SD card was formatted! Maybe, something was recorded onto it after.... I decided to try one more time. 2 years have passed and I thought that utilities "became smarter"))) but no... Unfortunately, miracles don't happen.

I was shooting videos by xiaomi yi action camera when at some point the videos stopped playing though it was still possible to record them.

In the end, they're kind of still stored on a MicroSD card, but won't open. I managed to repair a few videos via Video Repair program (there were a lot of links to it here), but unfortunately, most of the files weren't repaired.

Experts, please help me, I hope that the videos still can be repaired.

There are a lot of video files, so give me an advice how and via what program to do it, please.

I worked with a lot of programs for repairing videos, but none of them helped.

Several videos in mp4 format were recorded on a mobile flash drive with the capacity of 128 GB. Something happened and now those videos won't play. Other videos recorded before and after are played without any problems.

I'm writing to ask for help with repairing several videos. I'll return the favor!

Please help me to repair a video!

I was filming a school event on my Android phone when I accidentally turned it off earlier than I should have done it. Now no player can play the video. I've already read a lot of information in the internet and I managed to repair the videos via Videorepair program, but its free version only repairs 50% of the file, besides the image fails to keep pace with the sound. I failed to trick the limitation of this program free version (through a command prompt by doubling a file, but it always says that it can't find the specified file).

Its an MP4 file with the size of 611 MB.

Help me to repair a video file, please. Quadcopter fell down. It was recording a video with no sound.

But the most important thing is the video itself. I'd like to watch it in order to understand the reason of the falling.

I gave a try both to the program from the second page and to the command prompt, but the video won't be repaired no matter what I do.

I was recording via SJCAM 5000 Elite: I connected to the camera through the app, clicked on recording and then the app failed, but recording lights continued to flash on the camera. That was the perfect moment for checking whether the video was recording without any problems, but it didn't happen as I decided that everything was OK and the camera was doing its job. After 15 minutes of recording I clicked on recording button and the camera made a happy sound and hung up. I figured it out by extracting the battery. After this action I didn't manage to play the video ever again.

It seems clear how to repair from a MP4, but I have MOV made by a quadcopter.

My smartphone which manages the video recording turned off, as a result I have a file, but somehow it won't be repaired via similar programs, and none of the above mentioned opens MOV...

ZIP is equal to the video size of 2.1 GB.

Would you be so kind to help me to repair a video?

We were recording a concert via Nokia Lumia 930 mobile phone, when it run out of memory and the man who was recording the video apparently pressed a wrong button. As a result, there are 2 files: one file is fine and the other one is corrupted, the phone sees the latter but won't play it.

This amazing program really helped me a lot ( HD Video Repair Utility). Because of a Korean flash drive or due to the fact that the battery turned off, SONY FDR-AX100E camera finished a video badly. Nothing would manage to open it and every program would say that the video was corrupted or the format was wrong.... I gave a try to a bunch of programs for repairing corrupted videos but with no result..and then a miracle happened! It's a corrupted video in 4K resolution with the size of 1.5 GB. HD Video Repair Utility program has repaired 99% in just 15 minutes!!! 1% was lost, but with the main file everything is perfect now. Video editor reads the file and plays it, only the sound is out of sync. But it's not a big deal as I fixed it all via Adobe Premier!!! I tricked the demo mode by doubling the size of the corrupted file and then processing 50 % of it for free via the demo version. Amazing!!!

I'm looking for anyone who can help me to repair a video. In short: I transfer photos and videos from my camera via a program (the camera is Canon and the program is ImageBrauser EX). In October-December I was shooting children performances and than I transferred them to my computer, only now while browsing them I discovered that each of them has 1-2 corrupted files. They weigh as they should and last also the right amount of time, but in the second minute any video just stops and that's it. At first I thought it was the flash drive fault, but every time I was filming on different ones. I tried to repair them from the flash drive, but the videos have been overwritten too many times, so only empty files are repaired.

Please tell me if it's possible to repair MP4 video files, if MircoSD card with the files has been formatted via Yi 4K device (Action Camera)?

I managed to repair the files via R-Studio but they won't be read. I had several attempts to repair them via different software (Video Repair Tool, Get My Videos Back and etc.). Nothing helped. At least some kind of a result I managed to achieve thanks to the service "Video Recovering Services", but that were only very short fragments of video in low resolution.

Is it possible somehow to repair the video files, at least partially and in the original quality or am I simply wasting my time?

Canon 70D was constantly turning down due to poor contact with the battery.

As a result, on its flash drive along with ordinary *.mov files appeared *.dat files

The program successfully repaired video and audio which can be opened in a video editor.

But audio is delayed. Even if you sync it at the beginning, after a while the sound flies away.

I repaired quickly and easily some files from a DVR and the files were in mov format with H. 264 codec.The problem was that if I turned off the DVR, the last file couldn't be read. Now after I've found a temporary, but a proven solution how to repair those files, the only thing that is left is to deal with DOD600GS DVR.

An incredible program, which managed to repair a corrupted mp4 file from my camera!! No program could open it... And with Video Repair Software I needed only it and a correct sample (of a video) recorded with the same camera and the program repaired everything!!! The only thing is that I had to run it as an administrator and save the result in a folder to the root of C drive, otherwise an error would occur.. The program can repair and fix broken or corrupted MOV, MP4, 3GP and M4V video files which can't be played by a media player. It also does incredible job when repairing from DVRs. Would recommend!

Wonderful program! At first I couldn't repair a corrupted file, but it turned out that everything is very simple!

  1. open your corrupted file! (choose movie)
  2. open an ordinary file recorded by the same device as the corrupted one (choose reference movie)
  3. click on "scan"!

Note that the path you specify must contain only Latin characters! People also suggest checking the boxes with enable PCM detection and enable AAC detection in the settings for more reliable file repairing

I downloaded this program from another website, chose a corrupted file, scanned it and then an error occurred, so I chose a correct sample for the corrupted file recorded by the same smartphone / tablet. Clicked on "Scan" and after three rounds a miracle happened !!!! The sound, the picture, in one word everything is of excellent quality. The file is MP4, weighs 4 GB and lasts for 30 min. With my daughter from September, 1st. Classic story))) Thank you!!!! No other program managed to help me.