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How to bypass Google account verification after a factory reset

Written by: Ilia

Data recovery specialist, guest author, journalist.


What is FRP

In order to increase the security of your Android phone it's linked to a Google account, which provides an additional level of security for your device in case it will be lost or stolen. This system is called Factory Reset Protection (FRP). 

With the help of FRP owners can pre-protect their devices, i.e. for their future activation they will have to specify the credentials of the Google account linked to a particular mobile device. 

FRP lock: pros and cons

FRP lock is automatically activated after a hard reset is performed. On the one hand, it's a beneficial feature: no malefactors will get access to the data stored on your device. In fact, what they will have is a "brick", useless without the access to Android OS and phone contents. 

On the other hand, an access error may occur when you (the real owner of the device) will try to restore its settings yourself. What if you can't remember the credentials or the device won't accept them? 

Next, we're going to share how you can bypass Google account verification.

Note: Each different device model (Samsung, Pixel, HTR, Lenovo, etc.) and Android version may have its own distinctive features of bypassing FRP which will differ from the ones we're going to present, but in general our manual should be pretty useful if you follow it step-by-step. 

How to prevent the problems with FRP from occurring 

The error described above can be prevented if you delete your Google account before you reset your device. 

This mini-guide will be useful in case you're planning to sell your device and you want to perform a hard reset in order to remove all the traces of its previous usage. A buyer will be able to use the phone by connecting his or her Google account when launching the Android which used to be yours for the first time. 

NB! Disconnecting your Google account will completely remove the access to Gmail, Google Play, Google Assistant and other apps linked to your account.  

In order to reset your Google account you have to perform the following actions:

  1. Go to your Android Settings
  2. Then open Cloud and Accounts > Accounts
  3. Select an account and choose Remove account
  4. After tapping OK the account will be deleted from your device (but it will still be available online). 
  5. Launch the phone in Developer mode. In order to do this select "Unlock OEM"

After completing the mentioned above steps you will no longer have Google account errors after resetting your device.

Best ways to bypass Google account verification

Method 1: using APK Tool

One of the ways to bypass verification is to use a small utility called APK (Android Package Kit). 

Using it can cause some difficulties since installing the app on your phone isn't a very easy process. This happens due to the fact that the process of installation may have its own distinctive features on different devices. Nevertheless, in general, the process looks as follows:

1. Select the suitable APK version. The following options are available:

2. Download one of these apps onto a USB stick: it will be easier to run FRP bypass utility this way. 

3. Connect the USB stick to your phone via an OTG cable. Here is a manual on [how you can do it]. 

4. Install the APK from the USB stick. 

5. After this is done you can access your Android settings and disable the feature of Google account verification. 

Method 2: using a SIM card

  1. Pull the SIM card out of your mobile device and launch the phone.
  2. Skip the notification on the absence of a SIM card and select the interface language.
  3. In the form where you have to specify a phone number or email address hold **@**for a few seconds.
  4. In the opened settings menu select Android keyboard Settings.
  5. By pressing Back and Home you can activate Google search engine (it should appear on your device home screen).
  6. In the search bar type Settings and go to the corresponding section.
  7. Disable Auto-restore and Saving backups.
  8. Reset the settings again (by performing a hard reset).

Method 3: bypassing FRP without Internet access

  1. Insert a SIM card in a locked smartphone and dial its number from another mobile phone.
  2. Answer the call and choose Add a new contact.
  3. In the opened form specify any string of numbers.
  4. Tap Save, select Google and create a new account.
  5. Reboot your device.

Method 4: with a code for bypassing account verification 

  1. Insert a SIM card in a blocked smartphone
  2. Dial its phone number from another phone.
  3. Add a new call by tapping "+".
  4. Enter *#*#4636#*#* in the opened window.
  5. If everything is performed correctly, the settings menu should appear. 
  6. Choose Restore and reset and disable Data copying and Auto-recovery. 
  7. Restore the factory settings and restart the phone.

Method 5: via an email or SMS

  1. Connect your device to the Internet.
  2. Try to enter an email and choose Send it via SMS.
  3. In the opened window send any message to 112.
  4. You will receive a notification stating that an error occurred while trying to send this message and you will see a call button next to the notification.
  5. Tap it and enter the following code: *#*#4636#*#*.
  6. When you make a call, your Android will redirect you to the settings
  7. You have to perform a hard reset next.

The conclusion

There are quite a lot of methods on how you can reset your Google account on Android.

If you sort everything out, it'll be very easy to reset it on your own. The main issue you may face while trying to bypass a Google account is the problem with the access to the settings menu, and this explains why you have to go through such a long sequence of actions.

If none of the above mentioned methods works out, wait for a few days and give a try to another attempt.