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Best Android remote control apps

Written by: Ilia

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Android remote control allows you to solve a number of tasks at a distance. Such actions as setting up your phone, working with apps, emulating mobile games, controlling access, showing photos on TV, etc. can be done via remote control apps. We're going to discuss some of them in this review. 


Android Device Manager

Firstly, this Google service is one of the easiest to use (in fact it has almost no settings). Secondly, you don't have neither to pay for it, nor download any additional apps. 

Android Device Manager can come handy if you need to call a specified number, block a phone or delete all data stored on it. So the best case to use it is when you have lost your phone or it has been stolen.

This remote phone control service is very user-friendly. In order to start running it you have to do the following:

  1. Open this link in a browser on a computer.
  2. Enter the credentials of the Google account you used to log in on the Android device you need to get remote access to.
  3. Select the needed feature from the menu on the left.

Please note that this service won't bring successful results if the Internet and geolocation are disabled on the phone you're trying to reach. Moreover, none of the services listed in this article will be able to cope with the task in such case.

You can launch Android Device Manager service from another phone or a PC browser. In both cases, you'll be able to remotely control an Android device after gaining access to its basic functions.


One of the most popular programs of its type. It's often used to connect two computers, but can also be used to connect a mobile device and computer. 

You can remotely control your smartphone, change Android settings, install apps, take screenshots, view its home screen and so on. This software is distributed for free for personal use, but if you plan to use TeamViewer for commercial purposes, you have to pay at least 2 thousand rubles per month. No settings are required for the use of basic features.

The process of remote control of a mobile device is very simple:

  1. Install the program on your computer and phone after downloading the corresponding versions from the official website (the version with QuickSupport is suitable for a mobile device).
  2. Start TeamViewer for your computer by setting the access password and checking the box next to "Remote access".
  3. Then launch the mobile version. A nine-digit numeric code which you can either write down or save in a messenger will be displayed.
  4. On your computer in the "partner ID" line enter this numeric code.
  5. After it's done you'll be connected to the device. Wait for the mobile device to respond and you can start controlling this Android.


Vysor is both an extension for Chrome and a desktop application (Windows / Mac OS / Linux) for smartphone remote control. With it you can do the following

  • manage mobile apps;
  • play Android games (with the help of a computer mouse and keyboard) using Vysor as an emulator;
  • chat in social networks and messengers installed on your phone.

One of the examples of how you can use Vysor is to mirror a device on a different screen: on a projector, TV or desktop PC. This may be helpful if you need to show documents, photos and videos.

In order to remotely control your smartphone via Vysor, you have to: 

  1. install the app and extension in the browser,
  2. enable USB debugging,
  3. in order to be able to connect to desktop PCs, install ADB drivers.

Download Vysor


ApowerMirror mirrors the screen of a mobile device on a PC. Supported platforms are iOS, Android (5>), Windows and Mac. Chromecast technology should be supported on Android and AirPlay – on iOS. By default all its features are available "out of the box", i.e. there is no need to install additional software. 

The most efficient way to use ApowerMirror is to present a ppt on a large screen. If desired, portrait or landscape mode can be switched on. 

Another way to use it is to control an Android from a PC and work with mobile apps. The main thing is that there are a number of apps without a full desktop version, including mobile games. So there is no need to run an emulator, root the device, etc. since it's easier to perform such tasks with ApowerMirror. 

Besides, the ApowerMirror app is convenient to use for taking screenshots and recording the phone screen. 

Download ApowerMirror 


AirDroid allows you to remotely send messages, control a phone, transfer files onto it and upload files from it. The service basic version is distributed for free. In order to be able to use its more advanced premium version, you have to pay at least $2 per month. Premium has access to device camera, phone search is also available and there are no limits to the amount of data you can transfer. 

In order to use AirDroid, you have to do the following:

  1. First, install the app on your mobile device.
  2. Register a paid or free account.
  3. Open in a browser.
  4. Use the menu to control a mobile device.

By installing the AirMirror browser plugin at this link, you can remotely control your phone without having to go to the service website.

Mobizen Mirroring

Mobizen Mirroring app is one of the most powerful software of all the presented in this review, but its free version also has the greatest limitations. 

With the free version you can only connect via a USB or local network, which means that it's impossible to connect to a smartphone that is far from a computer. But it has the following features:

  • support of viewing your mobile device screen,
  • apps management, 
  • file transfer and screen capture. 

And with its paid version (from $2 per month) you'll also be able to:

  • connect a phone via 3G and 4G networks, 
  • record a video from your device screen, 
  • display mobile notifications.

How to use Mobizen Mirroring:

  1. Install the app on both your computer and smartphone.
  2. When you first start it, specify your email address and password for access.
  3. Run the program on your computer and click the verification button. A 6-digit code should appear.
  4. Enter the code in the app window on your smartphone and use the simple interface to control the device.

Other ways

There are other apps with remote access feature for Android. We're going to list a few popular ones without going into details.

  • MobileGo. Allows to connect via a convenient QR code. Has a backup function.
  • WebKey. A very powerful paid app (with a trial version) for controlling several devices.
  • AirMore. AirDroid counterpart with very similar functionality. Worth attention since it's distributed for free.