• This app from Kaspersky lab gives full control over the battery of your device. Battery Life is distributed free of charge and has no paid features. The main capabilities of the battery app
  • Accu​Battery is an indispensable tool in case your phone runs out of battery very fast, but you can't find out the reason for it. The app allows to optimize the battery and displays detailed information on the loss of battery
  • Main features of Google Photos for Android and who will find this app useful. Downloading and installing it on a phone
  • Greenify battery saver app is different from the standard optimizers due to its fine settings of battery life and the use of which requires root-privileges
  • From where to download the latest version of WhatsApp for Android and how to install it on a mobile device. Main features of the app
  • Battery Doctor app helps you to optimize your battery performance by providing complete information on its consumption. It's a free program with no paid subscriptions. The only drawback is the presence of advertising
  • Disk Speed is a small but a very useful free utility for Android: it can show the current status of your sd card. In order to write and read data you can specify a) the entire storage device or b) its part.