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Best programs for getting root-privileges on Android (review)


These utilities will help you get root on Android in a few clicks. The programs are installed on PC (via usb cable, connected to the phone) or directly on Android (via apk file).

It should be considered that rooting apps for Android are not compatible with all devices (it depends on phone model, firmware versions). So always check that the application is compatible with the mobile device in order not to turn it into a “brick” (mechanically serviceable phone with program errors, unsuitable for use.)

Here is a review of best rooting software certified by Android-geeks at specialized forums:

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Is your Android phone rooted?

root app for pc

Kingo Root app for PC and Android

1. Kingo Root app for Android

Kingo Root is perhaps the most convenient program for getting root-rights on a mobile device for free. There are both mobile and desktop versions of the application.  

After installation Kingo Root app downloads all necessary scripts and activates root within 5 minutes without requiring the user to have technical skills. All actions are performed through a step-by-step wizard.

The database of rooting-scripts is constantly updated. The list of devices for which root is possible is available here. The list is incomplete, so there is little chance that your phone is not supported.  Nevertheless, judging by reviews on xda forum, Kingo Root has a high success rate of installations on tablets and smartphones. 

Download Kingo Root on Android for free

2. FramaRoot - free rooting software

FramaRoot installs Superuser and SuperSu on Android in one click without installing on a PC. Currently, FramaRoot supports most of popular Android devices. The list is published here.  

The utility allows to manage root rights, applications and permissions. The FramaRoot package includes special root-browser with navigation on Android root file system   

For rooting:

  1. Install FramaRoot application by copying apk file to the root of the memory card and running it.
  2. In the box select exploit to start, any of available.
  3. The rooting status will be marked by a sad :-( or happy :-) smiley. Sometimes  there is a partial rooting (:-/), and you will need additional actions (phone reboot and ADB-laying on).

Download FramaRoot on Android

root app for pc

360 Root - one of the best rooting apps - 2018

3. 360 root for Android phone

360 root is a well-known Chinese program for rooting the phone through a PC or an actual mobile device (Android 1.6 and higher). The probability of obtaining superuser rights is about 90%. The list of supported models can be found here. Although the site is available in Chinese only, you will easily find your phone in the list (otherwise, it’s better not to take risks). 

To use 360 One-Root is easy:

  1. Download installer
  2. Go to Control Panel - Internet Options - Connections - Lan Settings
  3. Enter in Address, 81 field, activate proxy server and press ok
  4. Pre-enable USB Debugging on your phone
  5. For rooting you need to press ROOT (it might not work from the first time and you will have to try again)
  6. Reboot the phone


4. Root Genius - one click root for PC

Root Genius software supports about 15 thousands models of smartphones and tablets. 

First of all, rooting is applicable to Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Google Nexus, HTC One, Lenovo Yoga, Huawei, Motorola, ZTE Droid Razr (read user reviews on forums). 

Root Genius is available for PC and as a mobile application  in the form of apk-file (requires the version of Android 2.3+). It is installed in the same way as other rooting applications. If necessary (for example, when the phone is sent for repair) you can remove root through the settings. If rooting fails, you can repeat the operation.

root app for pc

iRoot application for Android

5. iRoot app

iRoot is a program for safe rooting Samsung Galaxy, LG, Huawei, Zenfone, HTC, Asus, Nexus and others. Unfortunately, there is no list of compatible Android devices, so read other users’ reviews on XDA.

To reduce the likelihood of error, the root application developers have simplified the process of rooting as much as possible. For root-modification of the phone you need:

  1. Install iRoot on Android phone (download the file in the root of sd card and launch it)
  2. Enable USB Debugging on mobile phone
  3. Launch iRoot application
  4. Run save rooting by clicking “Root”

The one click root app is available for both PC and Android.

Baidu Root is a root installer to acquire supersu

Baidu rooting app is compatible with all Android 2.2 - 4.4 and higher models. Only Samsung users may face some problems: if you have KNOX the program won't be installed (you have to delete KNOX).

How to get superuser permission using Baidu Root:

  1. After installing Baidu Root, agree with the access rights (if the version of Baidu Root isn't translated from Chinese, you need to click on the button in the lower right corner);
  2. Reject any changes (not always requested);
  3. Press "Get Root" button (if the version isn't translated, it's a blue button in the center);
  4. Wait. If the program window turns green, you have successfully acquired root rights.

Note. Baidu Super Root is an one click root modification of this app via which you can gain access almost to any system file. Unlike the basic version, it's lighter in size and has less advertising. In order to root Android with it, internet connection is required.

Download Baidu Root for Android

BusyBox is a set of utilities for a successful rooting

If you need to acquire root rights for Android having BusyBox in your system is highly recommended.

BusyBox is a mobile app that includes many Unix standard tools adapted to Android. The content is similar to GNU Core Utilities tool package.

In fact, BusyBox distributive is a small installation apk file with Linux kernel designed for using on Android OS. It deserves being called "Swiss army knife" for managing the Linux kernel.

BusyBox doesn't require large amount of memory to work with. Its purpose is to optimize memory and manage some files.

BusyBox is already integrated in the content of MIUI and CyanogenMod firmware. You can download BusyBox on for other devices from third party websites or directly through Google Play. The toolkit runs on almost any device if the version of Android is above 3.0. To acquire root sufficiently you have to allow the downloading and then run the apk file.

BusyBox Pro Features

BusyBox pro version allows you to:

  • Perform a backup on Android (recommended for a more secure apps installation);
  • Uninstall apps;
  • Use Advance Smart function;
  • Enable / disable applets;
  • Control security.

BusyBox pro version has more updates than the free version.

Both versions of BusyBox can be downloaded from Google Play via the link:

Download BusyBox for free

Rooting apps: Q&A

When I downloaded Framaroot I had 2 methods in stock but none of them helped me to make root. I have already downloaded so many free programs but nothing helps me to gain superuser rights. Please, help! My phone model is Micromax D303, ОС Аndroid 4.4.2.

Answer. I would recommend to always read reviews, written by Micromax D303 users on xda/4pda forum. Judging by comments, Android-applications such as Kingo Root 4.1rus and Newkingroot v.4.62 helped run the rooting. In any case, use the latest versions of  root programs.

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His current responsibilities are to keep track of users' questions and provide answers to them, write proven manuals, be the website technical support and also run a Youtube channel.

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