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What is Recuva

Piriform Recuva is free software for recovering data on HDD and removable media for Windows XP and 7+. It does a deep scan of the space on a drive and is able to find all possible file types. Recuva is helpful for corrupt data, formatted sd memory cards and  disks.

Piriform Recuva (latest version)

Recuva versions: Free vs Pro

Recuva FREE

  • no limit on how much data you can recover,
  • deep scan for deleted files,
  • no technical support (although you can ask questions in the community forum where specialists and users discuss unresolved issues).


  • free product support via Piriform official website,
  • automatic update to the latest version,
  • Virtual Hard Drive support,
  • no limits

Where to download the latest version of Recuva software

You can download free Recuva for PC from official website. The Pro version personal license will cost you $19.95.

Download Recuva (latest version)

Recovery features of Recuva app

  • Wizard Mode comes in handy for beginner users as they can choose file types they want to recover. Pro users might appreciate the Advanced Mode with manual recovery settings.
  • Recuva evaluates the probability of recovery: color markers in the scanning results show how good the recovery chances are (depending on how corrupt the files are).
  • You can turn to the Deep Scan option if basic scan failed to find deleted files as it enhances your chances to track the files. You may find the Deep Scan feature especially helpful to recover data on formatted disks or in case of corrupt data and overwritten files.
  • Recuva also restores folder tree saving information about file location and other metadata (like date of the picture was taken or video file size).

Main data types which can be recovered

  • Documents: Word and Excel, text notes
  • E-mail clients data: Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express
  • Mobile data, user files on Android: photo and video deleted from internal memory of a phone
  • Files on HDD and SSD (you can ignore the filters and scan for absolutely any type of files by signature).

Recovery cases

  • Recovery from Android phone internal memory: Recuva can be used for recovery from internal memory of an Android device. After creating an image of your phone internal memory the software is able to handle a connected disk like a regular memory stick or SD card.
  • Files removed from the Recycle Bin on computer.
  • On a hard drive and memory stick (damaged or formatted files on PC).
  • Files are recovered to the specified location and in a specific format.
  • Recuva handles removable media including USB Flash Drives and SD cards.

Questions - Answers

I have been using Recuva for some time now. I bought the 25buck version a couple of years back. Now I can recover from my harddrive but my external hard drives it won't work with Saying sorry send us a message but I never hear back from them

Recovering video clips - quick formatted SD card

I have purchased and downloaded Recuva and am very happy with the recovery of my jpeg files, but I am not finding a few video clips I took on the camera. Are there any specific instructions I should follow? Thanks Tony"

I recovered my files using Recuva but unfortunately they're failing to open, what should I do in order for me to open my files?

[Recuva for Android]

I've downloaded Recuva, but can't seem to figure out how to point it to my cell phone… Whenever attempting to search, the phone (plugged in and set to file transfer, not charging) is not seen by Recuva.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any help you can provide

[Can't access android SD Lost.Dir files]

I'm currently having trouble getting my lost.Dir files to be read through my phone. My method I'm trying is plugging my phone into my PC and accessing my SD card through there. I currently can view it through my PC but, I cannot access it using the Recuva Free program.