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What to do when " error" occurs?


During a call or when calling any contact, the message " app has stopped working" may appear on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Depending on the version of your Android operating system, the text of the error may vary, for example, " process has been stopped." 

There are several ways how you can solve this problem. Simple step-by-step instructions will help you to quickly get rid of this annoying message without contacting a service center.

Note: this manual is made via the "clean" version of Android. For Xiaomi and Samsung gadgets modified assemblies are provided, but the procedure is performed in the same way.

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Fixing the error via the "Settings" on Android OS

The failure occurs due to incorrect operation of standard apps responsible for calls and data exchange with telecom operators. In order to get rid of the error, just clear the cache of your standard software.

Find the "Settings" on your device which are usually located on the Home screen. 

There you have to find the "Apps" section and enable the "Show system apps" feature, if it's provided.

In the list find the "SIM Toolkit" and "Phone" apps.

Click on the needed program and open the "Memory" tab. If there is no such section, proceed to the next step.

Tap the "Erase data" and "Clear cache" buttons.

Carry out the same actions with the Phone app.

Sometimes you have to perform similar operations with other system programs such as: "Call Control", "Configuring Two SIM Cards" and "Phone – Services". Errors in all apps managing calls appear quite rarely, but you have to give a try to this method too. The message "The process has stopped" didn't go away? Then you should get acquainted with other methods.

Operations with a SIM card. Turn off your device, remove the SIM card, start the device and update all available apps via Play Market. Insert the SIM card and check whether the error has disappeared.

Safe Mode (read more on how to enable it). In order to enter this mode, hold the "Power" button and hold your finger on the "Power Off" option.

You have to start your smartphone in Safe Mode and check whether the annoying message appears.

If it's gone, it means that there was a failure due to recently installed programs. Often the culprits are antiviruses and utilities for managing and recording calls. Delete them, if you don't need them and maybe the problem will be solved.

  • Date and time. In the "Settings" find the section of the same name and turn off the configuration of settings via internet, including the time zone. Manually specify the needed time and date.

Performing a Hard Reset

Before performing a Hard Reset, make sure that important data is stored in a safe place (not on your phone). The easiest way is to sync it with Google in order to save your contacts, photos and notes. 

After a Hard Reset all the data stored in the memory of your phone will be erased. This doesn't apply to a USB flash drive: photos, videos, music and other files will be saved, but programs may not work properly after reset.

Go to the "Settings".

Find the "Reset and restore" section which is usually located in the "Advanced settings" or "General management". At the bottom of the screen you can see the "Reset to the factory settings" section.

The system will prompt you to confirm the action and inform you about the removal of all data and configurations and you should agree on it.

Then it's done, the error related to “” should disappear. It only remains to configure a clean gadget for your needs.

Using a sufficient antivirus

In rare cases, the error can occur in the result of the actions of malware that has gotten on your phone via pirated apps. If you don't feel like performing a Hard Reset and going through the settings was unhelpful, try to scan your phone for viruses.

There are plenty of paid and free antivirus programs in Play Market. Type "Antivirus" in the search bar and choose any option from the list marked as a "Free" one. The review on the best free antivirus software can be found here

Via the app you have you should run a "Full scan" which will help to fix errors caused by malware.

An alternative way to fix the error

You have followed our instructions and your antivirus found nothing, but the error still pops up? In addition to a Hard Reset, you can use a third-party app for calls. In the search bar of Play Market write "Dialer" and any option from the first page with a rating above 4 should suit your needs.

The functionality of most dialers is as good as of the standard program for making calls, but the error won't bother you when you use a third-party app.

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His current responsibilities are to keep track of users' questions and provide answers to them, write proven manuals, be the website technical support and also run a Youtube channel.

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