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Google Photos


What is Google Photos

Google Photos is a convenient app to control photo arrays stored on a mobile device.

Like-named service Google Photos allows you to upload to a cloud a large amount of files, saving them on this cloud storage instead of a phone. Therefore, this app users don't lack space on their devices.

Google Photos also allows you to store photos in a convenient way. The app automatically creates various collages, videos, panoramas, films and animations by grouping important events or trips in the simplest way.

What is interesting in Google Photos app

Android app Google Photos combines in itself images and videos storage space, image editor and social network for communication with friends and acquaintances.

After installing Google Photos app, you won't have to worry about suddenly running out of storage space on your phone. This app doesn't require money for adding more storage space. Unlimited cloud storage space is absolutely free for users.

The most interesting features and capabilities of Google Photos:

  • Backing up photos and videos to the cloud as well as storing deleted data in the Recycle Bin for 60 days.
  • Viewing movies and images on a TV. To do that you need to make sure that your TV supports Chromecast.
  • Creating memorable photo collages via mobile app: automatically or with user intervention.
  • A wide range of photo editing tools, including 14 modern photo filters.
  • Searching for images without tags. With this app you can search for photos by the people, places and objects captured on them.
  • Creating photo albums with the possibility of sharing the access with your friends. They will be able to add pictures to a created album just like you.
  • Automatic synchronization of videos and photos in the cloud even after deletion of files from your device.
  • Convenience and speed. Google Photos doesn't overload users with complex manipulations while sending photos. With one touch you can send your favorite multimedia files to other users, specifying their contacts. You don't have to perform a lot of actions to download a photo from Google Photos cloud either: after choosing images you can download them as a single archive on your phone.  

Who will find this app useful

The Google Photos app is appreciated by Android mobile devices users and the evidence to this is 4.5 rating on Google Play.

This app will be useful for travelers who take a huge number of photos every day, as well as for those users who work with video / photos. These are designers, photographers, artists and other creative people.

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