H2testw – memory card speed tester

Submitted on 12/21/2018

H2testw is a very simple program for checking the sd card read write speed and other devices via a PC.

How to test sd card speed via H2testw

It works in the following way:

  1. Launch the program;
  2. Specify the folder where you want to write files ("Select target" button);
  3. Set Data volume, i.e. how many files can be written to the specified location;
  4. In order to check your sd-card speed press "Write + Verify" button.

Basically, via H2testw you can test the performance of any device connected to your PC, whether it's a HDD, SSD, usb flash drive or a microsd write speed. The most important thing is that your storage device is correctly recognized by your operating system.

Despite the lack of updates over the last year, H2testw works under any OS version, including Windows 10.

Download H2testw

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