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Which tool to choose for sd card speed test


Due to low speed of writing/reading on a SD card the performance of the device in which this SD card is inserted can be significantly slowed down.

We got used to the fact that our gadget can be extremely slow because of software problems, but we forgot about the impact of iron on interface responsiveness. This is an unforgivable mistake, which you can correct via speed test software for different platforms. They will also help you to check your flash drive real capabilities:

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It's easy to test the speed of your memory card without any instructions via each of the listed above programs. The results, as proven by an independent testing, are quite the same. But please bear in mind that many things can affect the final result of carried measurements: starting with how much space is left on a sd and finishing with the amount of tester-device core memory.

Android apps check sd card speed (reading/writing)

A1 SD Bench

The most powerful among free apps for testing the speed of i/o on devices running under Android operating system. The interface is designed in a classic benchmark style for devices with touchscreen displays: Main features are shown on the main screen, when additional ones can be found in the sidebar.

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The app has 4 modes of micro sd card speed testing:

  1. An express (Quick),
  2. Standard (Long),
  3. Highly-accurate (Accurate),
  4. Random one (Random I/O).

The results of each indicator can be anonymously shared with other users. The developers claim that the app supports memory cards with such standards as: Class 2, Class 4, Class 6, Class 10, UHS-I, UHS-II and UHS-III.

Download A1 SD Bench

SD Card Test Pro

A paid solution for professional testing of sd card write speed, i/o features of memory cards of all popular formats, including mobile device internal storage.

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After paying just $2 you get:

  • custom speed testing in quick and standard modes;
  • several types of custom tests to verify sd / microsd card;
  • detailed charts based on specified parameters.

Download SD Card Test

Disk Speed/Performance Test

Another interesting sd card speed test tool which can fix the performance of writing and reading on different types of sd memory storage.

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Available for free:

  • custom-made and standardized tests of memory card speed,
  • data log maintenance,
  • statistics,
  • analysis of device RAM and ROM,
  • analysis of individual parts of storage area by manually specified path of a folder.

Download Disk Speed

Desktop apps for measuring the speed of a sd card reading/writing


A compact utility for testing the sd card read speed made by German developers.

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After launching it only there is only one button available on the screen and it's the one via which you choose a storage device for testing. In the results (the log) only the actual amount of memory and the real speed of writing/reading are shown. There is nothing more. A great option for testing / verifying sd cards, flash drives from AliExpress for how real the claimed characteristics are.

Download H2testw


A computer program capable of measuring the speed of a memory card under different conditions: while watching videos, downloading information, working with apps and etc.

Its shell looks very simple: on the main screen you can find only the button for running a test with the possibility of choosing a storage device, the results contain a table with the numbers shown in megabytes per second.

Perfect solution for a simple user testing of a sd card speed. But if you want to perform more serious data analysis, you need a more powerful utility.

Download CrystalDiskMark

SD Card Speed

An app for measuring the speed of memory cards and usb flash drives. The calculations are made in a simple way: The program records a large file on a flash drive and adds data to it, simultaneously measuring how long it takes to add each byte of information. The result is shown in a simple table form. You can keep the statistics of measurements on one or several cards, but it isn't very convenient.

Download SD Card Speed

Flash Memory Toolkit

Checking the flash drive for errors

SD card speed test software for working with flash drives. In addition to testing the speed of a memory card, this software is capable of erasing data and recovering previously deleted information. The buttons for switching between screens are located in the left menu, but directly for testing you need only the two low buttons: Low-level benchmark and File benchmark analyze the speed of processing and writing files correspondingly.

Download Flash Memory Toolkit

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