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HDD Regenerator


Almost 60% of all damaged hard drives contain bad sectors. The developers of recovery programs have created an algorithm for regenerating the surface of the hard disk.

What is HDD Regeneration

HDD regeneration is the restoration of damaged data, fixing bad blocks by transferring them to another area on the hard disk.

This technology is independent of the computer "hardware", it is applicable to all hard drives. As a result, information that has not been read before will be restored. Regeneration, in approximately 60% of cases, animates unreadable and problematic hard disks.

HDD Regenerator: application methods

The HDD Regenerator program will be useful for:

  1. Diagnostics of software malfunctions, treatment of bad blocks.
  2. Statistic of the use of the hard disk (including S.M.A.R.T) and real-time monitoring of the state.
  3. If the OS does not start (and this is due to errors on the HDD). You can quickly make a bootable CD/DVD and bring the hard drive into working condition.
  4. As a undeletion program. If you lost data due to read errors, you can access and restore them (by moving bad blocks and copying the data to another location).

Important note. If case of mechanical damage, the HDD Regenerator will not be able to repair the hard drive. Regeneration does not guarantee that an unreadable hard disk will work. Most often bad blocks are simply transferred to another area of the disk.

On the web, you can read a lot of critical reviews regarding the performance of HDD Regenerator. We will not say that this is a "wand-wand" for all cases. Test the program in the demo version (you can download the installation file at the bottom of the review). If the HDD Regenerator solves the problem with the bad blocks, then it’s fine, otherwise just delete the program and then study the alternative hard disk repair programs.

Main features of HDD Regenerator

Before downloading the HDD Regenerator, pay attention to the basic regeneration and repair functions.

1. The utility determines the cause of failures for non-working hard disks. That is, it takes on the function of diagnostic software for testing.

2. HDD Regenerator scans the surface of the hard drive, looking for bad sectors on it. In fact, the program does not fix them, but transfers them to another area in such a way that the files are not copied to the problem areas of the hard disk.

3. In some cases, the program is able to repair the bad sectors on the physical structure of the disk, using a special generator called Hysteresis loops.

4. The program is safe: it works only in read mode and does not make any changes to the structure of the working / non-working HDD file system.

Note. Since HDD Regenerator 2011 does not change the logical structure of the data storage device, the file system can still mark some sectors as bad. Consequently, other utilities, such as chkdsk, will find the bad sectors even after full regeneration.

5. Notifications in real time. This useful function will help to notice the problems on the disk as they appear - so that you do not have to give up the HDD later for repairs.

How to make a bootable USB flash drive

Where to download HDD Regenerator

You can download the installer from the link below. Install the program on a disk other than the one that will be regenerated.

The program is distributed in Russian and English. The distribution size is about 8 MB.

The product is developed by  the company Abstradrome, namely Dmitri Primochenko.

Regenerator works on Windows XP / 7/8/10.

Download HDD Regenerator 2011
(the latest version)

HDD Regenerator FAQ

Which devices can be regenerated?

HDD Regenerator scans the hard drive, ignoring the file system. Scanning is done at the physical level. Therefore HDD Regenerator works:

  • With any file system (FAT, NTFS, etc.)
  • from HDD without formatting (in raw format).

Automatic regeneration does not apply to removable media. That is, the recovery of CD / DVD-media in HDD Regenerator is impossible.

Can I regenerate the hard drive if Windows does not boot?

Yes, if there is a working computer and the hard disk is determined by the system. You can do this by making a bootable USB flash drive or CD / DVD disc on another computer.

After booting the flash drive you need to set it in the BIOS as a boot device. The functions of the program are similar to the HDD Regenerator app in Windows.

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His current responsibilities are to keep track of users' questions and provide answers to them, write proven manuals, be the website technical support and also run a Youtube channel.

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