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How to read old text messages on your Android phone


Old text messages deleted from your phone can urgently become necessary again. Is it possible to read them if they were deleted deliberately or unconsciously?

There is no single answer, but there is always a chance (even a small one) to get text messages. If Android Oreo, Nougat or other versions of OS is installed on your device you can try to do it. If you fail to restore deleted messages entirely, some parts of the information can be read: for example, message text, sender's telephone number, the date and etc.

A small program EaseUS Mobisaver is suitable for searching. Further we'll be digging more into how to retrieve old text messages on Android via this app.

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Is there any chance to restore messages?

The chances of restoring mobile data depend directly on the activity of using the device. If after deleting the messages you've downloaded something and/or it's been a long time the probability of restoring is reduced.

Universal tip: minimize the copying of files on your phone or even better disconnect it until restoring.

Why EaseUS Mobisaver for Android is a good option

There are a lot of programs to read deleted text messages and other data on the Internet. As an example we'll use EaseUS Mobisaver for Android tools. It allows to quickly find old text messages on phone internal memory.

It's a pretty universal option: EaseUS Mobisaver supports hundreds of smartphones and tablets models based on Android including Samsung, Asus, HTC, Huawei and others.

For the testing we took Samsung Galaxy S8 from which messages were deleted.

Is Root required to get old text messages back?

EaseUS Mobisaver can be run without root access but it won't guarantee restoring of all text messages on Android. So if deleted information is particularly significant it's advisable to install root.

Actually, to activate superuser access to the file system is easy and it's quite safe, so read our review on one click root apps here.

How to retrieve old text messages on the phone via EaseUS Mobisaver

Step 1. Installing and launching Mobisaver for Android

First of all, download EaseUS Mobisaver (Android version) on your computer. There are versions for Windows and Mac OS X so choose depending on your platform. 

Download Mobisaver

All the above-mentioned steps are performed via Mobisaver trial-version. It allows you to test the program but you won't be able to save text messages. At the same time, some data will be available for reading in Mobisaver preview window. So at the final stage you can make sure that the program isn't fake and pay for the full version if you wish.

After installing the program, connect your phone to PC via usb cable. Run Mobisaver.

Step 2: Scanning the phone memory for text messages

Once Mobisaver detects your phone the data will be synchronized. The application will notify you when it's ready for text messages scanning.

To search for deleted messages click "Start". Android OS will ask whether to provide Mobisaver access to the phone or not. Click "Yes".

Step 3: Selecting deleted data for restoring on Android

After scanning deleted user data will appear in Mobisaver view. There are several types of data for restoring: Android contacts, photos, messages, call history, photos, videos, audio and documents. Select "Messages" and click "Next".

The table with text messages will appear in a few minutes (as it's shown on the screenshot below).

Step 4: Filtering deleted messages on your phone

There can be a lot of messages on your phone both old (deleted) and existing. Use the filter to simplify the task: option button "Only display deleted items".

Besides during restoring you can select only the messages you need to restore. Click the checkboxes which are next to the corresponding lines.

Step 5: Saving text messages from Android to computer

When the text records are restored Mobisaver will offer you to save them to your PC. To save the text records use "Restore" button.

Select or create the folder where you want to save old messages for later viewing.


We hope that the described way to retrieve old text messages helped you and you found what you were looking for.

If you didn't manage to restore messages or the result didn't please you, ask a question / describe the problem via the feedback form.

Or perhaps you know a better way to find old text messages on Android. Tell us and we'll be glad to share the information with other readers!

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