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HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool


How to repair USB flash drive via HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

Have you noticed that the speed of reading or writing of the drive slowed down? This technical problem can be easily solved. Try to format the flash drive and fix the errors.

A small but effective utility HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool will help you to repair your usb stick easily.

Advantages of hp usb disk storage format:

  • it will quickly "cure" the flash drive;
  • it weighs only half of a megabyte and requires no installation;
  • the program is free;
  • it works with all the versions of Windows starting with XP.

HP USB Format Tool for Windows

Functions of HP Usb Disk Storage Format Tool

The main features of the utility:

  • selecting the device for formatting (a usb flash drive or a phone sd card) from the list
  • choosing a flash drive file system (FAT, FAT32, NTFS and etc.)
  • creating a label (label) for a file volume / partition
  • quick formatting of the flash drive
  • creating a boot disk for DOS
  • forced formatting
  • being able to format SSD/HDD and other storage devices

How to download and open HP Usb Format Tool

The utility HP Usb Disk Storage Format Tool can be downloaded from our website. The files are available for download from the link below.

Download HP USB Format Tool for free

The latest version to download is 2.0.6 (often 2.2.4 and 2.2.3). All the versions of the program are free.

You will need admin rights to run the program: select "Run as administrator" (see the screenshot) from Windows context menu.

How to format a drive via HP Usb Format Tool

The program consists of one window where all the actions are made.

  1. Select the device for formatting in the dropping down list "Device"
  2. Specify the file system in which you need to format your drive: FAT / FAT32 / NTFS. (We suggest reading this [instruction for formatting])
  3. In the section Format Options there are several additional options available. Among them is a quick formatting (Quick Format), compression (Enable Compression) and Create a DOS Startup Disk.
  4. To start formatting click "Start" and wait for it to finish

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