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DiskDigger for Android

DiskDigger is a free data recovery tool. There is a desktop and mobile version of this Android application. The mobile one enables smartphone and tablet users to take out files from their device memory.

If you, say, can’t find photos in Gallery or accidentally deleted photos while transferring them from your phone internal storage to SD Card, install DiskDigger for Android on your phone. This tool is going to save you time since it doesn’t need installing on the computer and can run (partially) without gaining root access to your filesystem.

Where to download mobile version of DiskDigger

It won’t take you much effort to find DiskDigger for Android if you type “DiskDigger” in the Google Play Store search line.

The official page doesn’t provide .apk files, and URL is likely to lead you to Google Play again. Use the link below to download the app with minimum effort.

Download DiskDigger app for Android (for free)

DiskDigger can run on most Android devices, be it a tablet or a smartphone in working condition with OS Android 2.2 (Froyo) an above, up to Android Oreo.

Why do you need root privileges to use DiskDigger

Just as many other data recovery tools, initially Diskdigger app doesn’t require your device to be rooted. In fact, if the files were deleted from an SD Card, you don’t need root access indeed.

At the same time, rooting is highly recommended as it enables DiskDigger to find more deleted files in the device internal storage.

What is rooting a phone?

Comparing DiskDigger Free and Pro versions

DiskDigger Free:

  • recovers only photo and video files, the most frequently deleted file types;
  • rooting your Android device is required for video recovery;
  • entirely free.

DiskDigger Pro:

  • recovers all types of data;
  • transfers restored data securely over FTP;
  • requires root access to restore any file types but photos;
  • price is $14.99.

Algorithm of DiskDigger mobile version work

As you open DiskDigger app, you see a request to get superuser permissions. Click “Allow” to permit for DiskDigger to access your device filesystem.

Diskdigger app offers two variants to search for deleted data:

  • basic (doesn’t depend on whether your Android is rooted or not; so you can recover deleted files on Android without root);

  • full (photo / video recovery available on rooted device only).

Basic scan (file recovery without root)

If your Android is not rooted, tap on "Start basic photo scan" to continue Android data recovery without root and navigate to “Scanning for files” section.

Full scan (rooting is required for data recovery)

If your device is rooted, you will be able to select the partition of the storage to scan. Phone internal storage is usually named «/data» while SD Card – «/mnt/sdcard» (or something alike).

After you’ve selected the partition from the list, choose what types of files you want to search for. If you want quicker scan, do only the formats with highest priority.

Full and basic scan modes in Diskdigger app

Scan and filter files on your phone

As the scanning proceeds, DiskDigger main window will display a list of the found files.

On top of the files you need to get back, DiskDigger is likely to restore more, so you’ll have to check a bunch of them by hand.

Filter files by size and file type by tapping on the Settings (gear icon).

Diskdigger Pro filter

To display only files over 1MB check the box next to Minimum files size (bytes) line and put in the number.

Restricting file size relieves you from looking through odd files. They can be photos in the device internal storage, and apps cache files, for example, will be removed from the list.

How to recover deleted files on Android without root using DiskDigger app

Note. On a rooted device, you are likely to find low resolution photos. To recover full resolution images, get a root tool installed and provide DiskDigger with access to Android filesystem.

Saving recovered files

To recover one or several files using DiskDigger check the files and tap Recover in the top right panel.

Diskdigger for Android offers three options:

  • Upload selected files to FTP
  • Save selected files locally
  • Send to an app

Recovery parameters for each file can be set in the menu.

Saving files on the Android phone

Send to an app

Send selected recovered files to another app on your device.

If you don’t want to save files into the memory card, send them to email or cloud (such as Dropbox or Google Drive).

Save files locally

Save restored files from Diskdigger app into your device internal storage or SD Card.

Upload restored files over FTP

Uploading files to FTP you don’t have to save them to SD Card or device internal storage. Overwriting lessens your chances for further data recovery.

To upload files to FTP via Diskdigger for Android you need to specify data access to FTP server. You can do it when connecting: DiskDigger will display a dialog window for a hostname/username/password to access the server.

Press OK to upload selected files. If it is successful, you’ll see uploading status until all the files are uploaded.

Saving files on Android 4.4 and earlier versions

You will be offered to select a catalogue to save files into. In most cases memory card (usually /mnt/sdcard) directory on the device is given as default in the catalogue.

Nota Bene. This method should be used only when you can save files to another partition (not to the current one). For example, if you recover files from internal storage, save them to the external SD Card (not back to the internal storage!).

DiskDigger reviews


My phone glitched and deleted all the photos from the device memory (leaving only those that were stored on the SD card). I tried out a dozen of different data recovery apps which didn't managed not only to recover deleted photos, but even to find them, so I gave up in despair. But Diskdigger app succeed both in finding and recovering all the deleted photos! The quality of photos didn't become worse. I was searching for the data and recovering it on the same day as the photos were deleted.


I've deleted the photos I took when I was at the sea... I really wanted to recover them. I managed to recover only ten of them... And in general there were around 150 - 200 of them. Diskdigger app is a very satisfying one. The quality isn't perfect, but it's better than nothing!


Usually I don't write reviews on apps but this one literally saved me! I spent half a day taking photos during vacation and then I deleted every single one of them by stupidity. I had several attempts to recover them via my computer and via root with other apps without achieving anything. DiskDigger found three photos, but when I unchecked settings boxes and patiently scrolled down through several hundred photos, I found every single one of them, but of different quality. I should point out that there were several copies of every photo but in different quality. I managed to recover absolutely everything as it was before the deletion! And I found it by searching data WITHOUT root! Most likely it's because I was searching for the photos on the same day as I deleted them, so there wasn't enough time for them to completely sink into oblivion. I'm very grateful to the developers for the only one working app.


DIskDigger is the only app that can actually recover deleted photos, but if there are a lot of photos to recover, it's better to do it via your computer, otherwise some data will be overwritten by other data and it'll be impossible to recover all of the files. This explains why not all files can be recovered. In short, deleted files are stored on free memory spaces, and when you recover files those free memory spaces are overwritten. Therefore it's better to recover a large amount of files via a computer, as everything will be recorded on another memory space instead of the same memory card what helps you to avoid damaging deleted files.


Messing up the buttons I've deleted all camera photos by stupidity. I thought that was it and there was no way out as it's quite difficult to connect your phone as a mass storage. I googled. And then "bam!". I found a simple program of a small size, which recovered a lot of files even without root. I'll deal with my problem with the help of it)


Thank you very much for this app, it really saved me and recovered all the photos in the same quality as when they were deleted. I gave a try to a bunch of apps, none of which worked as they were supposed to. From the very beginning, I didn't have high hopes for Diskdigger either, but then I figured it out. People who say that the app recovers photos in terrible quality, please pay attention to the fact that there are several copies of one photo but in different quality.


This is the only one working and safe app for photo recovery without root! Thank you very much! Diskdigger app allows you to choose which photos to save and where and it's very convenient. Searching for 2500 photos took me less than 2 min! The quality of some photos became worse but that was no more than 5% of them. A lot of apps require root and via Diskdigger you can do without it.


It's really a fantastic app for file recovery. Other programs didn't help me to find my deleted photos. Via this app I found a part of them, but then guided by some recommendations I installed DiskDigger on my computer. It managed to find all the photos, audio, video files and you should take into account the fact that the flash drive had been formatted.


I downloaded several apps for recovering deleted photos. Only DiskDigger managed to find photos. It has no obtrusive advertising. The only negative thing is that the photos were recovered in worse quality than they were before the deletion.


It's such an amazing and safe app for photo recovery. Which saved my Gallery. However, it's quite unfortunate that DiskDigger app doesn't allow you to choose a specific folder for recovering photos. And apart from everything the app also finds ordinary temporary thumbnails from cache. Which can be fixed by setting a minimum image size. Great advantage of this app is that it doesn't require root. Compared to its counterparts this app is priceless.


What's the point of this useless program? I need to recover photos from my phone memory card. Why on Earth would I remove it from my phone, insert into my computer card reader and then install something again? Why would you need to make things so complicated and unclear? It's my phone memory card so everything has to be recovered on my phone too and without endless downloads.


I write reviews very seldom, but in the case with this app I will take the effort and give you one as to some extent it saved my life. I accidentally deleted the screenshot of my green card number. I tried to recover it with two apps, but they didn't manage to. This app found and recovered it in two clicks. I really appreciate it!


It helped me a lot. I permanently deleted photos, then I regretted doing it and decided to recover them. I tried to do it via several apps but they didn't manage to. I downloaded DiskDigger and it found the deleted photos, but somehow I couldn't save them. Finally I managed to do it by sending them to an email, and what's interesting it was from google mail to another email. In short, this app recovered all the photos. I highly recommend it!


It was the fifth app I installed. All previous attempts were unsuccessful. I've deleted more than 100 photos of my daughter. And what a miracle! The fifth attempt was a successful one :) Thank you for this technological wonder. Now I'll always use it :)


Well deserved five stars! I swept away a folder with the photos from my vacation... All mobile services turned their backs on me. And employees of one said that the chances were 50/50 if they take apart my phone. I spent a whole day trying to recover it via computer programs, but they won't recognize the memory. I installed a bunch of programs on my phone. One of them found a photo taken 2 years ago, some emoticons and etc, but not what I needed. DiskDigger app shown me the photos sorted by date, size and order. It's easy and safe to recover anything directly in the folder as you specify it at the same time. The photos were of low quality, but it's better than nothing! And if you look at them on your phone, it's quite alright. Great thank you to the developers. (I didn't take the risk of gaining root rights as my phone is a new one and I was afraid). If I dared to, I would also try searching for videos.


The program has recovered everything absolutely for free. It saved the photos onto Google Drive and from there sent them to WhatsApp. Maybe anyone was wondering how to save anything. I spent quite a lot of time trying to figure it out. I even thought about downloading a paid app that everyone was suggesting giving a try to. But no! Everything worked out for free and was downloaded with the same quality as when it was deleted. This the only app that works and it does it very quickly.


What can I say... It does find deleted photos, but you have to spend quite a lot of time in order to find everything you need. A very big disadvantage is that it saves everything in awful quality. You wouldn't want to keep photos of quality like that. And it would take you some time to realize how to store them into a folder on your phone. You'll have to do some work for a while.

[About security]  

Is Disk Digger app is secured? Is that any problem like photos automatically (or any other way) uploaded to the internet or any other devices through the use of this app?

I use the Android mobile model Nokia 3 my all gallery photos are delete suddenly I go to Disk Digger option and I search the photos but old phots are here but my search photo is no so pls the solution in this problem now unable to recover deleted photos from my vivo y51l downloaded the basic app of disk digger from play store in my mobile and after running the app in basic scan mode it is showing me only those photos which are available in my mobile plus it is showing repeated photos

please help and revert asap

Hello, i'd please like to know how to safely root your device, I dont care if the phone bricks, I just want a non-malicious or infected apk or application that I can use for rooting my Samsung A300 (2016( Android version 5.0.1). Currently only the Basic Photo scan of diskdigger is available.

Few days before accidentally factory reset my phone. Please help me to back up my all important photos and all my data. I already used Disk Digger app on my phone so many other Android app used but I can't back up my photos and all please help me.

I had mistakenly wiped out my data in my mi4 during recovery mode.. I need that.. I had tried diskdigger.but have not found those pics which I had in phone memory... Kindly help

I just installed disk digger app.i done search without root it came back with 9176 files i accidently exited with starting to get to look through them.i re enterted app done scan again.but now it has no results.but says there are 9176 files ingnoring do i get them back.

I've used gt recovery, mobisaver, diskdigger and i can recover most of my videos but the videos that are 10 to 15 minutes long they don't recover

[recovery of deleted videos and photos from android phone]

hi, i wanted to recover pics and videos from my phone gallery. I don't know how long it has been deleted, i came to know only recently. I have used diskdigger app but could not recover them. is it necessary to root the phone to retrieve ? is it possible to recover the pics if they are deleted one year back?

[Deleted photos from camera]

I actually had deleted my camera photos unfortunately on June 7th 2019 but when I downloaded Disk Digger app it is recovering only some images but the images which I wanted from camera were not at all recovered,hence i am very upset about that

[Recover photos]

I stored a few pics and videos in an app named "vault pic lock - hide photos and videos " by xcs technologies.. not to get accidentally deleted by my kid. But those pics and videos which i saved in folders disappeared. Those folders were empty suddenly . I couldn't find those pictures in gallery too.. I used some apps like diskdigger, dumpster ..multiple recovery apps to retrieve .. but failed.. I couldn't find those pictures which i saved in tat app.. only deleted previous pics were available.. unable to retrieve those pics which I saved in tat app .. those pics are so precious to me.. how to retrieve those pictures? Help plz.

my PC couldn't find external network drive, so I used 'universal drive adapter' connect the network drive to PC, though PC found the drive but no drive letter sign to it, this drive's location is 0. May Diskdigger sign a drive letter to the drive and recover data? Thanks

[None of the software worked]

I had to factory reset my phone and I tried all softwares including diskdigger and photorec. They either asked for root, or did not acknowledged my phone or could not recover anything but contacts that too the inbuilt ones. Wish one them worked! I literally tried every free software that popped up in the first page of search.

[restore album]

A newly created photo album just disappeared with all my photos. What can I do? diskdigger didn't get many--no videos were recovered.

I'm distraught.