HDD Low Level Format Tool is a program for hard disk low level formatting

Submitted on 05/28/2019

We received an email:

My hard drive is no longer recognized correctly. When I connect it to the computer appears a message saying that the disk needs formatting. After troubleshooting on another machine I discovered a lot of bad sectors on the hard drive. So is there a way to somehow "correctly" format my hard drive in a simple way like low level? So it would be recognized after it.

Yes, it can be easily done. For a low level hard disk formatting we recommend using HDD Low Level Format Tool. The free version contains all the needed options. You can remove the limit of reading speed (180 GB per hour) by paying $3.30.

hdlf 01

According to its title HDD Low Level FT is designed for low level formatting of hard drives from such manufacturers as Samsung, Hitachi, Maxtor, Fujitsu and etc.

Besides for low-level formatting USB flash drives, memory cards and other storage devices are also suitable. Actually it supports all removable media that can be connected via usb interface to a PC.

In addition to performing the basic functions HDD Low Level Format Tool program displays the diagnostic information using the HDD Smart info.

Be careful! During low level formatting the program will delete all data on the HDD leaving no possibility to recover it even with specialized programs.

hdlf 02
Hard disk low level format tool: main window

Also if you don't know how to use HDD Low Level Format it's easy to erase boot record (MBR) which can be recovered with the help of TestDisk. Carefully follow the instruction and choose the device for formatting.

Other features of HDD Low Level Format Tool program:

  • It works with SATA, IDE, SCSI, USB, FIREWIRE interfaces
  • Supports the formatting of hard drives of large volumes (LBA-48)
  • Works on the protocols of USB and Ultra-DMA drives and external hard drives
  • Low-level formatting using a card reader
  • Extended low-level formatting of a flash drive
  • Defines HDD serial number

Download HDD Low Level Format Tool

Alternative to HDD Low Level Format Tool

If the program for low-level formatting didn't help to solve the problem try to regenerate the hard disk and run diagnostics. For this purpose you can use the program HDD Regenerator. It will detect problematic clusters and bad blocks.

In addition to this read the instructions for formatting in NTFS and FAT with the help of various hdd format tools.

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