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How to recover Microsd memory card

Free SD Card Recovery Software for Windows - 2018

Submitted on 09/29/2018
In this review we are going to tell you if there are any limits on the size of files or the features of the program in general, as well as talking about key features and strong points of each of those recovery apps.

My sd card is corrupted: FAQ

Submitted on 09/16/2018
Before asking a question (you can do this via our feedback form), read the checklist on fixing a corrupted memory card.

What to do if your computer doesn't read a sd card

Submitted on 05/24/2018
A common problem: computer / laptop doesn't read a flash memory and its content is unavailable. In this guide you will find the problem types and some suggested variants of how to fix it.

How to Recover Files from Corrupted Memory Card Using PhotoRec

Submitted on 10/10/2017
If you have problems with damaged memory card recognition we can suggest some basic (but effective) recovery methods which you could use. Also you will need to install suggested free sd card recovery software on your PC. User files on microsd might be corrupted so we'll try to recover them as well.