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Video Repair Tool


Video Repair Tool: its features and capabilities and a guide on it

Video Repair Tool is an efficient mp4 fixer and tool for repairing corrupted video files. In order to successfully fix a video which can't be played (or which has no sound), we highly recommend using a sample, i.e. a video recorded by the same device. If you don't have a sample, it's not a big deal since there is a chance you can do without it.

Video Repair Tool demo-version can be found on the developer's website and downloaded for free from there, but via it you will only be able to repair a half of your damaged file. The license for unlimited usage of the app full version costs €99. For €29 you can fix 5 corrupted videos.

The app can fix damaged video records made by cameras (including action-cameras), smartphones, photo cameras, and also it can fix the following formats of digitized records from analog media storage drives: .mov, .mp4, m4v, or .3gp. This program will come to the rescue, if sound/ picture is lost or your movie hangs up or shows an error.

How to repair a corrupted video via Video Repair Tool Windows version:

  1. Click on "Choose movie..." button and select the movie you want to fix in the opened file manager.
  2. Press "Choose reference movie" in order to download a reference sample which is a video recorded with the same camera settings. If you don't have one, you'll have to find something that fits the most the mentioned above description in your archives.
  3. Click on "Scan" in order to start the process of repairing.
  4. Go to ListBox, if you want to preview a fixed video clip and save it on a storage drive.

You're unlikely to get the desired quality from the first time. If you experience any problems with the picture or sound during the preview stage, select in the settings:

  • "Overwrite existing codec information by reference file" in order to copy the codec information from the sample;
  • "Enable AVC1 single mode" in order to use an alternative image repair method;
  • "No CTTS repair" in order to get rid of breaks and bounces during playbacks;
  • "Enable AAC detection" (for AAC audio) or "Enable PCM audio" (for PCM audio) in order to return the audio track lost during processing.

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