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Kaspersky Battery Life


This app from Kaspersky lab gives full control over the battery of your device. Battery Life is distributed free of charge and has no paid features.

The main capabilities of the battery app:

  • Showing the level of battery charge. Battery Life clearly shows how much time is left before the full discharge running both in sleep and active modes. All apps consuming battery power are also displayed on the screen with a percentage. 
  • Adjusting the display brightness. A user can turn on the automatic configuration of the screen in order to let the app lower the brightness on its own when the charge of battery is at a low or critical level.
  • Detailed statistics of an Android device. When you click on the battery icon, the screen will display detailed statistics on power consumption. Via it you can find out which programs should be disabled or uninstalled in order to save battery resources

Via Battery Life settings you can: 

  • activate the brightness adjustment, 
  • specify how often you want to be notified on the discharge of battery, 
  • enable the battery statistics widget. 

The main advantage of the android battery saver is the most simple interface (and you can understand how to use within a minute). Another significant advantage is the absence of advertising. 

Battery Life has no disadvantages and it has more than enough features for a free tool.

The manual on how to use Battery Life

1. When you start the battery saver app, a timer will appear on the screen. It displays how much time is left until the battery is completely discharged.

2. Below you can find the button for closing all power consuming programs. Pay attention to a percentage next to each app, if you want to find the most resource-intensive software.

3. In one tap you can close all active apps or select a specific program by checking the boxes next to it and then disabling it.

4. After opening Battery Life settings, launch the widget and all needed information on your battery will be displayed on the home screen.

Download Kaspersky Battery Life

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