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How to restore call log history on your Android phone


On the Internet you can find many programs whose developers promise to completely restore the call history on your smartphone. This is a profitable application cell, because gadget owners often encounter a problem when they urgently need to find a phone number from the call log history. 

IMPORTANT! The chances of restoring call history are extremely small. In rare cases, it is possible to recover only part of the deleted numbers.

In this article, we will try to return lost numbers, and also learn how to avoid their loss. You will find out whether it is possible to ask for details from the mobile operator, and whether this makes sense.

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In what cases is the call history deleted

  • Standard cleaning of the smartphone from unnecessary data, which include an outdated call history.
  • Android operating system crashes, requiring a full reset. If you use the factory default settings, all data stored in the phone’s memory (not the USB stick) will be deleted.
  • Virus attack. Such incidents rarely occur, since standard protection mechanisms have noticeably “pumped” on new versions of Android.

We use applications to retrieve deleted / lost calls


We will try to recover lost calls using the Android Data Recovery program. It is distributed for free - download it from the official site. This program is considered the most effective among similar applications, but it rarely brings positive results. The Russian version is not provided, so follow the instructions.

To avoid difficulties, activate the developer mode on your device in advance - this will not harm the smartphone or your data, but it will help to fully connect to the computer. For Android version 4 and higher, the procedure is as follows: go to "Settings" - "Information about the phone", here we find the section "Build number" or "MIUI version". We tap 5-7 times according to these data and get a message about successful activation. Now in the settings a new menu “Developer Mode” will appear, go into it and turn on “USB Debugging”.

We proceed to call history recovery:

  1. On the site, select the version - Windows or Mac OS. We will work on the computer.

  2. Connect your smartphone to a personal computer or laptop via USB.

  3. Run the FoneDog toolkit on your computer. You will immediately be offered to buy additional packages and the full version - skip this window.

  4. In the menu, select "Android Data Recovery", a window appears with the smartphone connecting to the computer. If you have USB debugging turned on, the phone will display a pairing request - click OK.

  5. If you follow these steps, you will see a list of data that you want to restore on the computer screen.

  6. If you need only the call history, then leave a checkmark just opposite the Call Logs, as shown in the screenshot. Click on the “Next” button.

  7. The program will scan the smartphone, it will take several minutes. In the middle of the check, a message appears indicating the absence of Root rights.

  8. If the phone is “hacked”, then the scan will complete successfully, and the program will give the result with the found calls - they can be extracted to any folder on the computer by clicking on “Recover”.

Practice has shown that the program was able to recover random calls, mostly dialed recently. Feedback from users of the program suggests that the result is rarely positive.

What else can you try

Alternatively, you can install the EaseUS MobiSaver App and Dr Fone. Programs work in the same way, only free versions of them offer a minimum of functions.

For example, MobiSaver will only search for one call or SMS at a time. Even PRO versions do not guarantee that you can recover at least part of the call.

Call detailisation

Almost all telecom operators offer details that the user can get for free. This function was created mainly to calculate costs.

IMPORTANT! When you go through all the stages, in the end you will receive an extract where outgoing and incoming calls will be listed. But the full number will not be displayed. It looks like this:


You can perform this action through the "My Account". Only the first four digits are visible in the printouts, which will tell you only about the operator. There are many “detective” sites on the Internet that provide complete information about calls. Do not spend your money on such manipulations, most likely, this is a hoax.

Or maybe it's easier to ask? If you know the contact, the easiest way is to call him and ask when your phone received calls from your phone.

SMS Backup Applications

If in the future you do not want to lose SMS and call log history, you can put sms backup apps. They have positive reviews, which suggests that the applications perform their task.

It will be about specialized Android programs that specialize in SMS and calls. It makes no sense to describe cloud services, they are already built into almost every phone. We will consider the two most successful proposals.

SMS Backup & Restore

Download from Google Play - link here.

Initially, the program only offered to save SMS messages, but in recent versions a call reservation function has appeared. Moreover, you can access the call history even from another phone. Despite the English language, dealing with SMS Backup is quite simple. Free features are enough to save calls.

  1. You need to choose what you want to save - calls or SMS.
  2. The application will scan the phone and highlight the call history, then you need to determine the place where the calls will be stored.
  3. We are offered a standard Drop Box, Google Drive, the memory of your phone.
  4. If you wish, you can configure the program so that the backup occurs automatically at certain intervals.

The Google Store also has a PRO version, the price is 259 rubles. The main advantage of a paid package is the function of saving to a memory card. In the free version, you can save calls and SMS only to the phone’s memory.

Super backup & restore

The program is free, if you wish, you can download a paid package of tools. The main advantage is the simplest interface and the presence of the Russian language. The application can create backups:

  • applications
  • SMS messages
  • Contacts
  • call log;
  • a calendar
  • bookmarks.

After the installation is complete, a simple menu will appear in front of you - you need to select the backup section, in our case it is a call log. Next, click "BACKUP" and select a storage location. Do not forget to set up regular backups, the best option is every 3 days.

There are many similar applications on Google Play, perhaps you will find a more interesting option. You can also make backups on your computer, for example, the Android Data Recovery program.

Call and messaging limits for apps

Last year, the Google Play online store added new requirements for application developers. Their products should not request access to SMS messages and call logs. The only exceptions are the applications that the user chooses to make calls and send messages by default.

The company thus wanted to increase the security and anonymity of users. It is not news that almost all applications conducted a hidden collection of data on the owners of smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system. Despite these innovations, the applications we wrote about above work fine and back up SMS and call logs.

To summarize

Why are we losing important numbers and frantically trying to find them in the call log? The answer is simple - we are too lazy to save numbers and add them to contacts. It is much easier to restore the address book, because cloud services save it in the first place.

If you have already lost numbers from the call history, then the most effective solution will be to use Android Data Recovery. But you have to get Root rights, which means “goodbye guarantee”.

Vlad Brown, USA, Buffalo, WY

Vlad is a professional writer. He has expert knowledge in data recovery with 15 years of experience. He started his career as a journalist by reviewing PC and mobile apps. His current responsibilities are to keep track of users' questions and answer them. 

His current responsibilities are to keep track of users' questions and provide answers to them, write proven manuals, be the website technical support and also run a Youtube channel.

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